Jan 22, 2014

Kelly Osbourne almost tore show Joan Rivers

The fact that Kelly Osbourne considers himself a star of the first magnitude, which allowed all, no one doubted. However, last Friday's incident that surprised even those who are well acquainted with the girl - TV presenter was nearly foiled shooting sitcom Joan Rivers.

Kelly was invited to the program as a spectator, but the daughter of the famous rocker, apparently , did not agree with the role of the second plan in the evening. As eyewitnesses say happened, Osborne came to shooting drunk, behaved noisy and interfere with Joan lead the show. In addition, the TV presenter Kelly interrupted and released quip.

In this story remarkable is that Osborne and Rivers familiar for many years, they are in close contact and seemingly they can even be called friends. Why Osborne afford such ugly behavior? Some believe that everything that happened was planned in advance and was nothing more than a joke.

Others believe that the girl who in the past seven times received treatment in rehabilitation clinics, again had problems with alcohol. In addition, Kelly is going through a break with her boyfriend Matthew Moskhartom. Well, let's hope for the best and wait for response Joan.
Kelly Osbourne and Joan Rivers

Kelly Osbourne and Joan Rivers

Kelly Osbourne and Joan Rivers