Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock's a girl

In November last year on his page on the social networking Kelly Clarkson told her fans that she is pregnant. Now, all using the same Twitter, the singer shared with subscribers of another good news - she and her husband, Brandon Blackstock a daughter.

We just learned that we will be a girl! I knew it! Only girls can create as many experiences and cause a morning vomiting ha!

By the way, before Clarkson has repeatedly stated that he dreams about her daughter. Moreover, the artist was sure that's how it happens:

I'm really confident that I will have a girl. I demand it! If I have a daughter, then I'll be happy.

Recall that an interesting position singer became known a month after she got married at Blackstock.

For Kelly, this child will be the first , but her lover already has two children from a previous marriage.

Kelly Clarkson with her husband Brandon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson with her husband Brandon Blackstock

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