Jan 18, 2014

Kanye West does not change diapers daughter

The famous rapper and groom teledivy Kim Kardashian Kanye West is not one of those people who change diapers and diaper their children.

While his bride can not dote on her common law husband and father of her daughter Nord, she confesses that he is not involved in some aspects of everyday life of the child.

Kardashian said: "It is honestly the best dad. He loves her so much. When he leaves town, I send him her pictures and videos. He always says, "She has grown so much," and I would reply, "Baby, you have not seen one day, not much has changed." He's really a dad who keeps abreast ».

At the same time, Kim is sympathetic to the fact that Kanye does not change the diapers of their daughter, she knows that if there is a critical situation, he will know how to act. "I know that sounds silly, but I love to change her own diapers, so it brings a child, I like our relationship," - smiling, told them.

The talk show Ellen DeDzheneres TV star spoke about how beloved made her an offer of marriage (it happened at the stadium at a baseball game): "In fact, I always know what he's going to do, but it is perhaps the only case where I doderzhat secret he managed to finish without blurted. It was such a great mystery ».

Recall that, despite the fact that the couple have a six-month-Nord daughter in marriage, they have not yet made. Ceremony is scheduled for the summer. Since the venue and date have not yet decided, but do not rule out that the marriage will be concluded in space.