Jan 20, 2014

Justin Bieber takes a dangerous drug

It was learned that the young singer Justin Bieber also has a serious addiction to drugs, and not just his friend rapper, who was recently arrested by the police in the house of the singer with cocaine.

Reported that Bieber takes drugs with dangerous regularity that makes it very confused. Close because people are calling him to turn to a rehabilitation center.

This is the increasingly popular drink called sizzurp. It is a mixture of the drug promethazine with codeine based on a carbonated beverage, usually Sprite. Sometimes this stuff doing in the form of jelly sweets. All served in a seemingly harmless way, but experienced addicts simply take the same codeine tablets, so the difference is not great. Especially because the drug can cause seizures and even more.

drugWhile Bieber also takes a lot of drugs together with alcohol and marijuana.

Although relatives and friends of Justin hasten his address to experts, the guy is in no hurry to do so. And this despite the fact that he recently reteamed with Selena Gomez, who is very strictly relates to this.

Recall that last week in the house was searched Bieber at the request of his neighbor, who accused the singer of throwing of eggs. As a result, police arrested Justin VISITING rapper, who found cocaine.