Justin Bieber accused of beating a limousine driver

Justin Bieber's serious problems with the law - not only because of its street racing in Miami, which recently reported by all media. Today revealed that the singer visited the interrogation at the police station in Toronto. Star is accused of beating a limousine driver, which, according to the press, happened in December 2013.

Justin Bieber accused of beating a limousine driver

As far as known to journalists, 19-year-old Bieber at the end of last year called in for questioning, but he appeared to him just now, when was again at home in Canada (which, recall, urging Americans to send the infamous artist permanently).

reportedly not too many details of the incident with the beating. We only know that it happened when Justin and his friends and bodyguards arrived in a limousine is not a hockey game. Than the driver does not hit the star - is still unknown.

Meanwhile longtime manager Scooter Braun singer told the press that he could not cope with the raging Bieber:

It's like being a father of a teenager. First you bring him up, and then comes the moment when you realize that you've given him all that he could, and now can only watch as he makes mistakes.

I can not bring him up as a child, I tell him that there are only two options: either we complete the job and he begins to live a normal life, or do we need to continue to fight. 

After the scandalous incident in Miami Bieber went to rest in Panama. There, according to journalists, the actor visited his parents, as well as senior colleague Asher, who flew to spend with the singer "educational conversation".

Also with Justin to Panama went his alleged new girlfriend Chantelle Jeffries.

Justin Bieber arrived at the police station in Toronto
Justin Bieber arrived at the police station in Toronto
Justin Bieber in the day of his arrest in Miami

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