Jan 16, 2014

Julie Gayet demands from the French magazine 50 thousand dollars

Actress Julie Gayet, which the French tabloid Sloser accuses of having an affair with French President Francois Ollanom, has become one of the most talked about person of the week. But it's not professional achievements Mademoiselle Gaye, but the fact that the press around the world exaggerates her personal life.

Today it became known RIA Novosti that Gaia requires 50,000 dollars from the magazine. It was the sum plaintiff estimates moral damage caused to her tabloid invading her privacy. Four thousand dollars on account of an actress requires court costs. The second condition, which puts the actress in the lawsuit, is the publication of the court decision on the part of the magazine cover.

Earlier it was reported that the lawyer Julie Gayet required to remove material from the site of the alleged connection actress with French President.

We also recall that for several days the tabloids write about possible pregnancy French actress, but information remains unconfirmed. The French president until the situation has not commented, despite the difficulties in dealing with civil wife Valerie Triyerveyler, which was in the hospital after the news of the novel Hollande and Gaia.