Jan 21, 2014

Joan Rivers about her daughter Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: This baby is ugly

Joan Rivers

American comedienne, television personality and biznesledi Joan Rivers has found another victim: this time the 80-year-old TV star Kim Kardashian criticized daughter and Kanye West.

Worth noting that in his statements Rivers is not shy. In addition, she was quite indifferent to her rude and even cruel words are helpless babe:

This baby is ugly ... never seen a six-month, which would need waxing.

Apparently leading show "Fashion Police" did not give rest to the incident before the New Year. Then Kardashian released in North sotsseti photo: many users are overwhelmed by the beauty girls, while others rebuked Kim that she makes her daughter Eyebrow.

History aroused great public interest, but after a while the scandal died down, but Rivers seems, wanted to continue.

That's rotation, we absolutely do not be surprised if even the haters star pair now stand on its side, because, as you know - little hurt bad and ugly.

Kardashian West and had no immediate comment on the "joke" actress, who named their daughter "ugly".