Jan 15, 2014

Girl 3 million Ksenia Sobchak sue publisher

Famous Russian socialite and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak wants a court to collect 3 million rubles publishing Jauza Press. Star is furious that her picture graced book Alexei Chelnokova "prodigal daughter Kremlin. Xenia Obshchak. " Xenia wishes to receive from the publisher 1,000,000 for copyright infringement, but the payment from the sale of books Sobchak estimated at 2 million

The author of books such the bag considers excessive, because the book was not as successful as expected. In his defense, he said that the information in the book is authentic, as taken from reliable sources. However, the book readers was not popular with readers, because nothing new about Sobchak she says.

Xenia itself likely does not want to earn as much as to punish the ruble publishing to discourage others were.
Recall that Sobchak recently criticized homophobic statements Ohlobystina assuming that the famous actor "crisis of the genre."