Jan 15, 2014

Francois Hollande, refused to discuss privacy

Continues the story with French President Francois Hollande, whose employees accused of treason tabloids civil wife Valerie Trierveyler. About developments reported blogger schinat.

Yesterday it was announced that the president is ready to make a public statement - the first since appeared in the press about his connection with the actress Julie Gayet and deteriorating health Trierveyler.

At yesterday's press conference, Hollande said he did not intend to publicly discuss her personal life. According to policy, each person are difficult times, but these topics should be discussed behind closed doors.

Nevertheless, the president reiterated that his relationship with Valerie Trierveyler come "painful and difficult time".

Hollande These statements made in response to journalists' question remains whether Valerie, who is now in the hospital, the first lady of the country. Officially, she is the wife of the president, but accompanies him at events and has its own office in the Elysee Palace.

Press suggests that this story will adversely affect the ratings of Hollande, who as one of the least popular presidents in history France. Euronews reports:

scandal erupted with alleged betrayal at the very time when the popularity of Francois Hollande has been gradually rising from a record low to the level at which there was at the beginning of his term. For the French president is undoubtedly the most difficult moment in the last 20 months.

Recall that the scandal broke out last week, when a tabloid published a photo Hollande Closer near the house Julie Gayet. The politician did not deny rumors of a romance, but threatened reporters court for invasion of privacy.

Valerie and Francois Hollande Trierveyler
Julie Gayet