Jan 31, 2014

Fashion critic Cathy Horyn is leaving The New York Times

Statement by The New York Times that the head of the department of fashion critic Cathy Horyn is leaving his post after 15 years of service, has become one of the most talked about news of the day. The main reason for the journalist called desire to spend more time with your partner by Art Ortenberg - reported that her boyfriend has health problems. 

The news of the dismissal of someone pleased Chorin (admittedly detractors have plenty of fashion critic), but most admirers and sharp tongue Katie, of course, upset.

Because care for many of the journalist profession means the end entire era, a time when any member of the fashion industry can get barb from Chorin and collections of famous designers employee The New York Times could easily spread to the nines.

Hopefully, Katie will continue to maintain its provocative Blog On The Runaway, or perhaps will think about writing memoirs.

Cathy Horyn goes from The New York Times
Cathy Horyn goes from The New York Times