Jan 21, 2014

Fans of American rapper Kanye West have created their own religion

It seems the world has gone mad. Fans of American rapper Kanye West have created their own religion, where God is their idol and lines of his songs are considered the commandments of God.

Invented a new religion, one of the most ardent fans of Kanye. Name the new faith had «yeezianity» to see Kanye hit «Yeezus». Author (or now dignify his prophet?) Believes that his favorite singer - Envoy of higher powers, and the goal of his life - the proclamation of a new era for mankind.

Of course, creating a new religion, the author often turned around to the side of Christianity, when the same it came to the commandments, he just shoveled all the songs Vesta and found lines that are most in form and meaning could become a kind of testament to mankind. So, in the commandment came, "Man has the right to freedom of expression and can not be repressed," "all things are created to serve man", "être money - exchange them, but they are not required", "people can create everything that he wants and what needs "," human suffering only stimulate his creativity. " These are the phrases, more similar to the constitution of any country or psychological auditory training became the basis of a new religion. I must say that not all fans so extol his idol, most calmer in his worship of his talent.