Jan 22, 2014

Eugene Feofilaktova opens his clothing store

Ex-member of the "Dom-2" Eugene Feofilaktova January 26 opens his accouterment store. On what she expects from this business endeavor, Jack told "StarHitu».

«Last summer, for a photo shoot gave me a admirable dress - says Feofilaktova-Gusev. - I looked at myself in the mirror - sits perfectly! I think: That would attending so all the girls - stylish, fashionable. Go home and abide to ponder: What if you accessible your store? And advertise it alone those apparel that she capital to purchase. Such a mark of quality! Husband Anton anon accustomed the idea. Just added that both men would be acceptable to action jackets, jeans. In the evening, we sat at the table, estimated savings, basic business plan sketched. Some acquaintance we had. After the bearing of her son Daniel created an online children's accouterment abundance and bad things were in it. But in the absolute apple a lot of fresh nuances. For example, area to stay? Close to home in Teply Stan - arcade center, area I get dressed. There and absitively to appraise the situation.

Eugene Feofilaktova

Place for hire - 38 m. m - was about to be appear on the additional attic amid the arcade accoutrements and bed linen. By the way, a little further appearance adornment bazaar Oli Buzovoy! Anon alleged her. She was captivated and gave some advantageous tips. About discounts aboriginal customers, for example. Olya law, in business there is no detail. Buyers charge be accommodating to shop for things from us.

Anton and I accept appear up with such an autogenous - do not appetite to leave! Prices are absolutely affordable - from 1 to 15 thousand rubles. Sizes from 40 th to 48 th. Already the aboriginal accumulation came from Turkey back unwind, go to Italy. Maybe put a distinct arbor - "second-hand from Gusevs." The actuality that we are with Anton - shopaholics. Both accept accumulated a lot of abundant things that wore alone once. That avenue came up, how to stop swearing because of amplitude in the closet! "

Eugene Feofilaktova