Jan 16, 2014

Emma Watson in the family happily embrace new boyfriend

Recently, the 23-year-old Emma Watson meets with 21-year-old Matthew regbistom Janney.

Jenny Father David died of cancer at 42 years old, and his mother Jill, who alone raised Matthew and his sister Jemima, died from breast cancer in 2008.

Then boyfriend Watson moved to friends and family Coralie James Day, who became his unofficial guardian. They own the company, which is engaged in real estate.

Mr. and Mrs. Day said they are extremely satisfied with the news of Matthew's novel Emma. 57-year-old said Coralie:

We are very excited that he meets Emma Uoston and really want to meet her. She was very lucky to find such a wonderful young man. No one can say a bad word about Matt. He's charming.

In addition, she said that she is waiting for the visit of the pair:

After my mother's death Matt I became his second mother. I took him under his wing when he went to study at Oxford. And very proud of him. Matthew is very close to my son Harry, whose father and my first husband died. They have a lot in common.

Note, Matthew is not the first time Janney has to do with show business. His sister was studying medicine at the University, then dropped out and became a fashion designer. She meets a long time with Ben Lovett - one of the founders of the rock band Mumford & Sons. Soloist Marcus Mumford - husband of actress Carey Mulligan. The couple lives in New York and communicates well with Mulligan, and Keira Knightley.

Matthew Janney speaks French and Russian languages, and also examines the modern and medieval languages ​​in college Oriel. At Oxford, he was considered the most eligible bachelor and the best rugby player. And last year he was in Russia studying in Yaroslavl, where he played in the team regbistov.

Recall that in October 2011 Emma Watson arrived in the city of Oxford and began to study English in college Worcester. Previously, she threw Brown University in the U.S..

Last summer star of "Harry Potter" broke up with Will Adamowicz.

Emma Watson and Matthew Janney