Jan 15, 2014

Drew Barrymore celebrated its output photobooks Chanel boutique

Last night the Los Angeles boutique Chanel took on its expanse of star guests, who looked at him for a holiday Drew Barrymore. Occasion? World finally saw the photo book created by an actress.

Congratulate star, but at the same time and to evaluate its creation came Reese Witherspoon, Julianne Hough and other celebrities.

Course, this evening could not miss and husband of actress - Will Kopelman, who, judging by the pictures, happy wife achievements almost larger.

edition was called Find It In Everything ("Find it in everything"). It includes nearly a hundred photographs that Barrymore has made over the last ten years. All images are united by one theme - the heart.

On shots that hit the book sealed with architectural buildings, household items and much more, in the pictures that somehow you can see elements reminiscent heart. According Barrymore is one of her favorite characters, so to him and dedicated edition.