Jan 29, 2014

Doctors began to withdraw from the coma Michael Schumacher

Just a few minutes ago, the media published the latest news on the health of Michael Schumacher, who for almost a month in a coma: the legendary German racing driver takes the first signs of awakening.

Doctors began to withdraw from the coma Michael Schumacher

According to French media reports, doctors at the University Hospital in Grenoble, where Schumacher was rushed after received a head injury while skiing in the Alps, gradually began to withdraw from his coma. However comment on this news hospital staff refused:

Only medical team and manager Michael Schumacher have the right to declare anything.

Reported that first doctors want to fully awaken sevenfold world champion in the class "Formula 1 "and then talk to reporters on this subject.

addition, the manager Sabina Star Who urges do not believe any rumors concerning her health ward - true only official statements.

Recall that last week the media reported that, according to some reputable professors in the field of neurosurgery, the driver may forever remain in a vegetative state.