Jan 2, 2014

Demi Moore entertains with young lover in Mexico [Photos]

Demi boyfriend even allows such liberties "in public" ...

Issuing a divorce from Ashton Kutcher wrong, Hollywood diva comforted in the arms of a young hunk in the Caribbean.

This is evidenced by Photos taken on New Year's Eve edition photographers New York Daily News: 51-year-old actress casually walks along the beach of the Mexican seaside with an unknown fan, whose body is lavishly decorated with tattoos. The couple is not shy to show feelings in public: on one of the photos we see Demi lover (man 20 years younger actress) gently stroking the chest languidly smiling star ... It's obvious that young Demi desperately not to look like "mommy" searing brunette -handsome: defiles in a candid swimsuit, but instead prefers low-key beach hairstyles romantic "look" with her hair.

Demi Moore entertains with young lover in Mexico