Jan 24, 2014

Celebrities comment on events Euromaidan

Famous people continue to monitor the situation in the center of Kiev "Euromaidan". Many of them comment on the events on their pages on social networks.

Among those who did not remain on the sidelines for Hrushevskoho "Euromaidan"- singer Olga Polyakova.

God made it to the news ... Tomorrow go back ... I do not know what country you come back, come to your senses people, for children scared. .. I arrived ... I looked through the window at Institutskaya - peace of snow, I can not believe that in the next street war than help, how to stop it? 

Shakira events Hrushevskoho taken to heart:

"How do I feel sorry for people!! Insanely sorry! I cried so much today, I have no words!" - She wrote in Thursday.

The singer even visited Evromaydan in the night from 23 to 24 January.

"I came home! Outdoor -16! Some men! Barricades on women are not allowed!" - She wrote at 5 am Friday .

not stay aside and TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov.

"God, what's going on in Kiev??? Ukrainians hold, You do not deserve this! Lovely country, lovely people! I am with you Do not need war and pain! "- she wrote on her Twitter.

Designer Olga Navrotskaya on his page on Facebook not only announced mourning, but also actively commented on the event Hrushevskoho. So angered her video in which employees "Berkut" mock protesters.

"There are no words, the people, they continue to be photographed with battered people. They continue their torture and mock., And this is not fascism, it's doing with their. I do not know what to call it ..... I pray for this guy, I pray that he was still alive "- wrote Navrotskaya.

designer also actively helps the protesters:

" I spent all day on Hrushevskoho. pours tea people, handing out sandwiches and pastries. spellbound And looking at how black flame rises overhead. And underfoot - black snow ".

Great post on the events on Euromaidan left and restaurateur Margarita Sichkar:

" of peace and war ..... Be defense a warrior, a man's work and it is not for sniveller and talkers. Soldier not afraid to give their lives for their homeland, if he has such a homeland, which it is not scary to give his zhizn.Odno of the worst disasters of mankind lies in the war. desire to solve problems through bloodshed unworthy of intelligent beings: (((better world wars, no matter what the motives were not for its establishment, although it sometimes lead harder than war. War changes a person, making someone better, someone much worse than it was. C War no one returns the way there gone: (((This war began long before the first shot rang out ....... very sorry for those who can not be returned. "

A little later she wrote and reaction to the scandalous video with the security forces:

"What's that?! This is fascism!! So scoff at people? Photographed for memory!! There are no words! I do not believe that it is in the form of people - Ukrainians Do not believe!! So come invaders in the occupied territories! What a mess ".

TV hostess Svetlana Volnov in turn noted in the social network" Facebook "that Ukraine - one country, and it does not need to share.

"I hate when people are divided into their own and others, do not like when TV shows one way and not another show, I do not like when some humiliate and elevate others. no good nor bad, neither his nor strangers, there is a country that is in trouble., and we need to gather all the courage and the wisdom not to start a civil war ".

gymnast Lilia Podkopayeva did not comment on what is happening, but changed the title picture on the flag of Ukraine. In addition, it publishes the positions of other people asking for or offering assistance in connection with what is happening on Euromaidan.

At the same time, singer and TV presenter Angelica Rudnitskaya called act of "strong world":

"Shanovnі Kolegov! Artists, musicians of televeduchі show Meni i WOMAN, pismenniki, artists, designers, modelєri, athletes, producers , Levi svіtskі i levitsі! s skin in us є znayomі polіtiki, bіznesmeni, people yakі zdatnі Hoch yakos vplivati ​​Vlad. Musim E zvernuti їhnyu uwagi those scho infections in vіdbuvaєtsya Kiєvі th vіdreaguvati on Tse! fourth day llєtsya shelter sotnі obpechenі people, poranenі, pobitі, zakatovanі. suspіlstvo transcended Mezhuyev bolyu i fear. nashі spіvvіtchizniki vmirayut! Yakscho we є Hoch naymenshy i navіt primary chance zupiniti krovoprolittya - E Musim Tse zrobiti! Tse our Gromadyanska obov'yazok! nіhto sogodnі not Got rights zalishatisya ostoron - lіvі Ni, Ni pravі, Ni centrists Ni Ti, hto dosі live at paralelnіy realnostі i not scared pomіchayut realіy!
cutaneous Lyudin - unіkalna. nіhto, okrіm God nemaє rights zabirati zhyttya have Lyudin yakoyu b Won not bula! Yakscho polіtiki not mozhut thriftiness at the highest levels - E, people povinnі Thrifty mіzh him. Pokey E slit people ... dopomozhіt rozshariti. Musim E vikoristati Leather chance dwellers vryatuvati Ukraїnu od alkaline strashnіshogo krovoprolittya i represіy "- wrote she said.