Cameron Diaz: I still eat french fries!

Cameron Diaz has written a book about self-help and self-love The Body Book - "The Book of the body".

Under the promotional campaign 41-year-old actress gave an interview with People:

I still eat fries. Discipline - it is not self-deprivation. I once lived on low-grade fast food. I saw tons of soda and constantly eating junk and oily food. I ate until until I hurt myself. I just lay there thinking, "Why did I do it?"

Cameron admitted that her life changed when a star "Masks" decided to give up sweets and fast food:

These things just are not for digestion. If you understand how your body works, you can make the right choices. I suffered from severe acne, I had a small white pustules. Then I gave up dairy products, and my skin is completely cleared.

Next Diaz shared this recipe of a favorite dish:

Tasty oatmeal - the most favorite thing for me. I cook it to a state of semi - al dente. Add caramelized leeks, green vegetables and Japanese citrus sauce based.

As for fitness, then Diaz would like to train more frequently:

Once I begin to seriously pursue. At least while I'm working, then physically active all day. The cast is very energy-intensive work!

Not afraid whether old actress?

I love getting older. It's part of life. If you're not getting older, you're dead!

Cameron take note of advice and cook oatmeal brand. And you?

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