Jan 3, 2014

Britney Spears fans disappointed

Ardent fans of Britney Spears, each of whom paid the $ 2,500 for the chance to meet the singer, left disappointed long-awaited reunion. According to fans, the star spent with them literally "three seconds", and then hastened to greet.

Meeting behind the scenes, for which fans have posted a round sum, took place in the framework of Britney performances in Las Vegas (we recently already seen some of the rooms of her new show.) As told by insiders portal RadarOnline, the appearance of Spears fans prepared a special way:

They were told that they should not hug Britney or touch her without her permission, and they were not allowed to bring any gifts.

According to the same source, collect stars paid quite a bit of time:

When they finally saw Britney, she just smiled, photographed and goodbye. Each had just three seconds to communicate with her.

Price "VIP package" and meeting with the star entered a ticket in the first row, as well as souvenirs with the image of the singer, but, as told to the press, the fans still were dissatisfied:

They expect vivid impressions of communication, but the meeting was strange and awkward. She almost did not talk, just nodded, smiled and thanked everyone.

Turns out that every second communication with Britney worth more than 800 dollars? Average!

Britney too quickly said goodbye to fans
Britney Spears at her concert in Las Vegas