Jan 1, 2014

As Duchess Catherine and Pippa Middleton celebrated the New Year

December 30 Duchess Catherine and her sister Pippa Middleton began to celebrate the New Year at a house party with friends in Bucklebury.

According to an insider in an interview with People, no red carpet, no camera flashes were not:

Kate looked amazing. She laughed and was happy.

The source also said that the 31-year-old Catherine, who gave birth to a little George in July, "fully regained its slender figure":

It looks even better now! than before birth.

note or Prince William or Prince George at the party was not, but the Duchess did not miss:

What amazes most - it is absolutely normal and smiling. There for Kate nobody watched, so she allowed herself to relax and enjoy the party. When I left, all the while thinking: "She looks so happy." Duchess really shone with happiness and full of vitality.

Recall friendly party - the exact opposite of the recent Christmas celebrations of the royal family, which was attended by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. Of course, the event assumed an official dinner and strict observance of court etiquette and traditions.

Last year at Middleton family holidays, except pregnant Catherine toured all the local pubs, and then relatives gathered at home for New Year's table.