Jan 17, 2014

Around disease Janna Friske scandal

Information about the illness of a popular Russian singer Zhanna Friske circled the Internet and the public plunged into shock. Further discusses the fact that the singer does not refute the rumors. Recently tabloid Life News has posted a video in which, if we believe the signature imprinted Zhanna Friske on medical gurney while waiting for a flight to Germany. Among Russian informants stood Andrei Malakhov - he was one of the first told the fans that Jeanne sick.

In response to a lot of rumors about a serious illness Friske representatives singer denied rumors claiming that Joan and his family are in Miami. According to rumors, the representatives of Life News made their conditions: if within 3 days Zhanna Friske personally appear in public and to refute the rumors about the disease, tabloid pay her a million dollars.