Dec 29, 2013

people news: Michael Schumacher was hospitalized with a head injury

Ex-racer "Formula 1" and the seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher received a serious head injury while skiing in Méribel in the French Alps. According to rumors, he has his own property.

Newspaper L'Equipe quoted Director resort Zherninona Christophe Lecomte:

His evacuated by helicopter to hospital in Grenoble. Now I have no information about the severity of the injury. Police launched an investigation. All occurred in 11.07 on a hillside outside the track. Schumacher was wearing a helmet, he hit the stone. Help came quickly - 11.15. He's in shock, but was conscious.

Recall, 44-year-old German athlete at the end of 2012 for the second time, left the "Formula 1". The first time he announced the retirement from the sport in 2006, but in 2010 decided to return to three seasons.

Now Michael Schumacher lives in Switzerland with his wife and two children.


Justin Timberlake hanging upside down before concerts

Justin Timberlake strictly enforces a special ritual before each concert: two o'clock meditation and a ban on talking.

Insider told in an interview with Sun, Justin suitable preparation process seriously:

He believes that the reduction of conversations to a minimum and meditation adjust it to the correct way. He hangs upside down heart to beat properly - is the final chord of the ritual before the performance.

However, Justin knows how to surprise - earlier this month he brought to the stage of one of the fans named Josh Clemons, so that he could to propose to his girlfriend Kim Martin. The singer said:

Josh called me in advance. Kim, he wants to tell you something.

Then Josh got down on one knee and proposed marriage, which Kim, of course, accepted. The crowd of 22 thousand people applauded.

Then Timberlake ruled behind the scenes bubbly drink and said congratulatory toast.

Apparently, pre-concert ritual really special energy charges.

Kelly Osbourne made a haircut

Yesterday Kelly Osbourne joined Jennifer Aniston, Toni Garrn and Reese Witherspoon and made fashionable bob haircut.

29-year-old host of "Fashion Police" has posted photos of a new image to Instagram. Beside her posing with her favorite childhood hairdresser Lino Karbosero. Now Osborne spends holidays in London with his family and fiance Matthew Mosshart.

Kelly Osbourne with the hairdresser
Otstrizhennye strands Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne with long hair

Purple color remained unchanged, but a new form good haircut came to the square face Kelly.

And as you like more?

Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz kissing at a party in Vegas

Friday night in Las Vegas Miley Cyrus visited not only show Britney Spears, but the opening Beacher's Madhouse showman Jeff Beecher.

At the party Miley and "Twilight" star Kellan Lutz, with whom the singer is credited with a novel, long time kept apart from each other: they even sat at different tables.

But later events developed so:

They talked for a long time, Miley laughed and patted him on the back. Then she kissed him on the ear.

Hour later, the pair left the nightclub:

They left a big company, Kellan all this time held back Cyrus very close. So many people do not notice it.

Recall Kellan Lutz - one star "The Hunger Games" Liam Hemsworth, which previously met Cyrus.

Addition to Lutz, Miley danced a lot with Thomas Cheney who acted as Santa's Christmas balls series Jingle Ball.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux arrived in Mexico

Two days ago, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux flew to Mexico, where he will celebrate the New Year.

At the airport the star of "Friends" all the time smiling and looked happy. 44-year-old Jennifer was dressed in the style of casual: green blouse, skinny jeans, sandals, straw wedge heels, aviator glasses and, of course, a wedding ring. Theroux chose a dark gray t-shirt, black pants and shoes to match.

According to a source, the couple looked happy and relaxed. In Mexico, it will make the company common friends.

Before departure from Las Vegas, Jennifer and Justin celebrate Christmas with the family in a renovated house Theroux pair in the elite district Bel Air.

Note December 14 they also attended a party Emily Blunt and John Krasinski her husband to celebrate the birth of their unborn child. Couples are friends for a long time in the past year they vacationed together in Cabo after Christmas.

Recall that in the coming 2014 Aniston and Theroux should marry.

We'll wait this wedding?

Britney Spears performed in Las Vegas

Britney Spears gave its first concert in Las Vegas: during the show Britney: Piece of me she performed 23 songs, 7 changed costumes and wigs 2 and a half hours.
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Entertainment Complex Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on Friday also visited Miley Cyrus Katy Perry and Adam Lambert.

Shaw Spears has surpassed all expectations: it reproduced the most iconic numbers like Circus, Gimme More Oops ... I did it again.

Miley Cyrus sat in the front row with his mother Lynn Britney, but most of the concert, she still danced to Britney hits and even managed to once again fulfill twerking.

In Spears performed the final show Slave 4 U. Before the curtain fell, the singer asked the audience:

you like it?

Enthusiastic crowd burst into cheers.