Dec 29, 2013

Justin Timberlake hanging upside down before concerts

Justin Timberlake strictly enforces a special ritual before each concert: two o'clock meditation and a ban on talking.

Insider told in an interview with Sun, Justin suitable preparation process seriously:

He believes that the reduction of conversations to a minimum and meditation adjust it to the correct way. He hangs upside down heart to beat properly - is the final chord of the ritual before the performance.

However, Justin knows how to surprise - earlier this month he brought to the stage of one of the fans named Josh Clemons, so that he could to propose to his girlfriend Kim Martin. The singer said:

Josh called me in advance. Kim, he wants to tell you something.

Then Josh got down on one knee and proposed marriage, which Kim, of course, accepted. The crowd of 22 thousand people applauded.

Then Timberlake ruled behind the scenes bubbly drink and said congratulatory toast.

Apparently, pre-concert ritual really special energy charges.