Aug 28, 2013

Lady Gaga in London, it is completely loose while his friend Terry Richardson unveils bold new shots ...

The madness of Lady Gaga took over the top, especially since she has invested the English capital ...

While the past few weeks it relied a little more on sobriety as we have seen during the different promotion sessions in New York, it must now go to the obvious ... There is now nothing! 

Since his great musical back began with a great performance on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013, Lady Gaga (whose friend and photographer Terry Richardson has to unveil new very special and even risqué photos taken in the backstage of the ceremony: see HERE) found his true outgoing nature 

And these are not his London fans who say otherwise!. And because the American singer is currently in the British capital to pursue the promotion of her single Applause, first from his upcoming album, ARTPOP, due in stores on November ... And as you say his visit is synonymous with extravagance erotic limit. 

Since its first appearance in London, Gaga announced the color that appears in a combination signed Atelier Versace once more bare and merely carried with transparent lace lingerie and boots Azzedine Alaia! And the next day was no different, Tuesday, Aug. 27 the star of 27 years appeared in the same style, with a combination this time vinyl combined with a pink bra sweet, round glasses on his nose, and still a huge wig, wearing a knot like a nod to its beginnings. 

This is dowdy as she emerged from her hotel to the delight of his fans who waited as always by mass, and she then went to a Fish & Chip on Shroton Street! 

What do you think of this new crazy style?

Rihanna and Drake: new couple?

After breaking up with Chris Brown, Rihanna and then attributed to different novels by young people: at the end of April was Justin Elbe, and in August - as much as two potential boyfriend. Recently we looked at pictures in which the singer cuddled with A $ AP Rocky, and now on the horizon, a new name alleged lover Riri.

Rumored that the last ceremony of MTV Video Music Awards, which barbadoskaya beauty did not want to go , "brought" the girl with the new chosen - rapper Drake. Talks began after the young people left the party after the awards to each other with a difference of a few minutes.

Of course, such a strong statement about the star's novel caused a heated discussion on the Internet. There were also no reports of anonymous sources. If you believe the rumors, a few days before the ceremony music Rihanna and Drake spent the evening in the Manhattan restaurant with mutual friends.

Their company was sitting separately. They even have fenced off a little table to hide from prying eyes. Rihanna and Drake were sitting right in front of each other. They poprosli not to photograph them, and the guards had to turn a few fans in the request autographs from celebrities. 

Agree, there is nothing strange in the fact that the two friends had spent the evening in the company of friends. Not necessarily because they need at this meet. Eyewitness their evening meal in the restaurant confirms that the suspicions are unfounded:

From the side it was obvious that they were just having fun in a friendly way. Their communication was not a romantic subtext or a hint of flirtation.

But fans of Rihanna's not so easy to convince: fans believe that it is extremely chummy her relationship with Drake can not be named. The fact is that in May, in an interview, the rapper "slip" that they are pretty close to Riri. The journalist asked Drake as it relates to Chris Brown and what he thinks about his behavior.

Do not ask me questions about this scoundrel. The truth is that I write the lyrics better than him, he performs the song better and better care for the girl he loves.

That is why the question of what is actually going on between Drake and Rihanna is still open.



Who's in charge?: Mariah Carey had a fight with Kanye West

Mariah Carey is known for his quick temper. It's no secret that the way to move the singer is not necessary. In the past, under her hot hand got Nikki Minaj, and now in the doghouse was Kanye West.

Scandal broke a few days ago, when the diva came to the recording studio, Def Jam, which promotes her career and Kanye, with the requirements of the revised their attitude to the rapper. According to Mariah, the company pays much more attention to the West than to her. Celebrity insists that Def Jam doing her songs, not "bestalantnym" Kanye. One insider said:

Carey just went crazy. She started screaming that it is necessary to invest more time and resources, rather than in the West. At the meeting she had called the rapper "a snotty egomaniac" who writes sexist and angry lyrics.

It is worth noting that at the time tantrum singer Kanye in the studio was not. But when he was given the word star rassviripel and he did not even think to choose expression.
West was very angry when he learned that Mariah talked a studio. Most of all it hurt phrases uttered by the singer to the Kim Kardashian. It has affected his relationship with his beloved, and this is a trait that is not worth the move. 

What is it about Carey talked a darling Kanye, not reported. Now the West is trying to communicate with skandalistki and demand an explanation, but the singer does not respond to his calls. I would like to believe that Mariah repents of stories and can not find the words to apologize, but knowing her violent temper, much doubt. 

Mariah Carey believes that everything should be given only to her

But Kanye West disagree completely

But once Mariah Carey and Kanye West were good friend

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones decided to take a break in a relationship

It looks like another celebrity couple on the verge of breaking up, and rumors have been circulating about this for a long time, as "Gossip," he wrote earlier this month. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones stopped appearing on the red carpet together, the last time they were photographed together at the end of April. Vacation actors also performed separately: Douglas right now resting on his yacht off the coast of Sardinia, while his wife and children remained in New York.

Has learned correspondents magazine People, 68-year-old Michael and 43 - year old Catherine "took a break in the relationship." According to a pair of friends, neither spouse has not filed for divorce, but after the Cannes Film Festival, where Douglas was driving without his wife, the actors decided to live separately.

Celebrities were married in 2000 and have two children - 13-year-old Dylan and 10-year-old Carys. A source close to the family said:

they care most about the children and want them to have everything was fine, no matter what happens.
Recently both Douglas and Zeta-Jones experienced not the easiest time of life: the actor was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx, and his wife a few years being treated for bipolar disorder. A family friend said the relationship stars were under threat because of the stress experienced by both. 

Miranda Kerr in the form of Cicciolina in the pages of V Magazine

Edition of V Magazine managed the impossible: Miranda Kerr in a photo shoot for the magazine has left the image of a sweet, "neighbor girl" with dimples that we know so well.

First, the Australian supermodel appears on the pages of the magazine blonde. Second, she got the role of Cicciolina - Italian star "adult movies," suddenly his fans became more and politician.

Star 70's fame, including the fact that his campaign speech uttered topless, so that Miranda is almost exactly the same as the image of Cicciolina, appearing in the magazine topless. But it was not without designer outfits - from Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent. 

New photoshoot of Jessica Alba for Editorialist

This year we will see Jessica Alba in Robert Rodriguez 'Machete kills ", and the next - it is, in the" Sin City 2 ". In the meantime, look at pictures of the new photo shoot for the magazine Star Editorialist.

In an interview with Alba talks about her style of dress and love of denim:

I like to mix brands in different categories - for example, American Apparel and Ralph Lauren. I like the jeans-stretch from Rag & Bone, and Ralph, in my opinion, makes the best denim jackets.
Now Jessica is engaged not only his film career and raising two daughters, Honor and Haven, but also their own business . The actress has created a company called The Honest Company, is letting eco-friendly items for the home. Star says that has invested in the development of the business a lot of money and effort:
three years I invested money and pestered the different companies to find business partners. I slammed the door in front of his nose, everyone thought I was crazy. But then I finally found a partner, we have worked on the concept and made it so that people can understand it.
It's hard to believe that someone can slam the door in Jessica Alba, but the efficiency of the stars, certainly deserves respect.

Alec Baldwin again attacked the paparazzi

Alec Baldwin - known fighter against the paparazzi: The actor has repeatedly been accused of attacking a photographer and offending journalists. In another fight with the media Baldwin got involved in front of several witnesses, as well as fellow photographer, who filmed everything on their cameras.

According to sources close to the actor, he provoked a fight paparazzi, and Baldwin only guarded by his importunate attention to his wife, Hilary, who a week ago gave birth to a daughter. A friend of the actor says:

How to be a psychopath to pursue a woman who had just checked out of the hospital and forced her to hide in the store?
According to the victim photographer, nothing criminal, he did not commit:
All I can say - I'm doing my job by asking the usual questions, and it exploded. That's all.
In place of conflict police arrived - they are, according to witnesses, he called Alec. Later it became known that after talking with the officers about Baldwin and fell under the heat of the moment the photographer decided to disperse peacefully.

Monica Bellucci divorced because of the oligarch Telman Ismailov?

Monica Bellucci divorced because of the oligarch Telman Ismailov

Following the news about the separation of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel went series of rumors and speculation. One of the most surprising was the suggestion made by Azerbaijani media: journalists felt that the divorce stars may be associated with romantic relationships Bellucci 48-year-old and 56-year-old businessman Telman Ismailov (learn more blogger iva_silvestris).
Oligarch from Baku Known for his friendship with Russian and international celebrities: his parties were singing Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, Mariah Carey, he presented the diamond-studded microphone, and the opening of his hotel "Mardan Palace" in Antalya, Turkey came to a "landing" of stars - from Philip Kirkorov to Sharon Stone and Richard Gere, with more than 600 VIP guests. It had been there in 2009 and Monica Bellucci. Her sharing photos with Thalmann made during the opening ceremony, now replicate media.

Ismailov is married and has two sons. No comments on his relationship with actress businessman did not give Bellucci representatives also remain silent on this matter.

Telman Ismailov and Monica Bellucci

Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci