Jul 30, 2013

Clara Morgane she needs you to choose the cover of her sexy calendar!

The porn star became TV presenter returns every year with his client schedule. This time, it asks you to help choose the cover of the 2014 edition!

Shows on TV about NRJ12 the sexiest Paf model is flying a premium So people called the saga. But when she is not on TV shows, one finds glossy like every year for the calendar. It is not known whether it will spread legs for the month of June ... In any case, one thing is for sure, it needs your contributions to select the most appropriate coverage. You can opt for Clara Morgane proudly wearing the wedding veil lace, nipple obscured by her blonde wavy hair. She plays a virgin to whom we have offered synonyms white roses for purity and chastity. Provocative and light, it is still fresh religiously. Preaching to his parish, it offers us a second much less Catholic version so to say. This time Clara Morgane appears just wearing jeans profile, smoky eye. Question nipples, they are always hidden. 

So ... Which do you prefer?

Miley Cyrus: it passes the 100 million views with her latest music video and offer an even sexier version of!

Miley Cyrus had promised his fans a little gift if his latest video, it's "We Can not Stop" passed the 100 million views ... The American singer has kept his promise!

His new image trash girl perhaps not please everyone but success is however there! While it's been a month and a half Miley Cyrus has released the video for her latest single, We Can not Stop, American singer 20 years promised a surprise to his fans if the video went bar 100 million views on Vevo and it's done it. That this is nothing more than a hot version of the clip of We Can not Stop with unseen footage! 

Still more sexy, Miley plays the body of which it is so proud, hesitating not suggestive postures share with friends. Molded to perfection in his white underwear, the bride of Liam Hemsworth shakes a little more her buttocks. 

Then she had met with mixed success with his latest album, Can not Be Tamed, Miley Cyrus found the top of the charts with We Can not Stop, which was originally intended to Rihanna. Upon its release the song was ranked third in digital sales in the U.S. with 214,000 copies sold in one week.

Press criticized the fashionable image Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks

Host of the show America's Next Top Model Tyra Banks has puzzled fashion critics. Model posing on the red carpet parties Summer TCA Party, which was held recently in Los Angeles, and, insiders say, literally heard whispering detractors behind.

Journalists and fashion experts did not like everything: how maliciously written in one of the reviews, it "looked like a clothespin earrings curtain" and dress - too close and frank - called "lace case for the piano." And got her hair, which was considered "chaotic", and not true, careless, and overly bright makeup.

Gossip Girl, how do you think the fashion critics are right there, so publishing unflattering comments about the image of Tyra Banks? 

Paris Hilton: she needs 19 pieces of luggage!

No less than 19 bags accompany bimbo for a trip to Ibiza, one wonders who will wear it all ...

We know Paris Hilton never does things by halves. So it is the special guest of the Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza famous, the young woman decided to take everything in his luggage just to be on top and do not miss anything ... to be caliente! In total, miss 19 has embarked baggage with it. It was on his Instagram account she showed us what she would bring on the Spanish island. She still cared to ask ourselves: "Is this enough?" We'll let you answer that a little absurd question. 

In any case, from LAX airport, the fair was not only because his beloved River Viiperi accompanied him and it seems that it is not as superficial ... A backpack and voila! Anyway, Paris was radiant. She wore a black bra that left her appear firm and toned stomach. The couple did not even board they both had already donned their sunglasses as if to prepare for the Ibiza sun, so that they were really excited about the idea of ​​partying in the capital the night of excess.

'Fashion Garden': Lookbook resort collection A La Russe

Images from the resort collection Lookbook A La Russe Anastasia Romantsova 2014 

Decorations for the show A La Russe collection autumn-winter 2013-2014 are listed blizzard trails, shaggy spruce and icy snow-covered arches of the gardens of the mansion Zhivago Pasternak. In the next season, the designer Anastasia Romantsova takes us into the sunlit blossoming apple orchard. The heroine of her new line of Russian aristocrat was again, this time appears as a respectable adventurer. She is staying at a country estate, inhaling the scents of blooming apple trees and cherry trees, it comes at a beach resort - in Koktebel, where wanders the fabulous wild gardens, reminiscent of the pre-revolutionary Russia.

Models from the new collection of Anastasia Romantsova enliven in memory of documentary photographs of the royal family from the walls of the Alexander Palace, from where the Romanovs were taken to the Peter and Paul Fortress, and scenes from the autobiography of the second wave of emigrants - Vladimir Nabokov - like:

I see a mother to pass the ball into the net - and stomp foot in the flat white shoe ... Mayersovskoe guide for the game of tennis turned over Lone breeze on a green bench .. Air blouse and tight skirt mother Picayune ... belong to the same era as flannel shirts and pants men.

These descriptions fit to use, and commenting on the new resort collection Anastasia Romantsova. She - as well as the pages of prose immigrant devoted to memories of the pre-revolutionary Russia, riddled with heady mood of happiness and flavors of the sea, apple blossom and fresh bread.

Here - and nostalgic sailor paired with pleated skirts and striped cotton pants and white jackets with shiny gold-colored buttons and lace shorts, and even straw hats, straw hat, as well as Sweatshirts, parks and sports suits - straight from the era of the development of women's sportswear, when it was no less elegant than the current secular toilets. They heroine Anastasia Romantsova arrange evenings in the gardens of improvised concerts and performances themselves draw them posters, play Burime and relax in hammocks under the flowering trees.

Symbol of collection and source of inspiration for the designer was the apple - Ward, strong values ​​of joy, wisdom, love, peace, beauty and eternity. Collection "with the scent of" juicy green apple in a delicate palette of spring was captured by Svetlana Vashenyak stylist and photographer Ilya Vartanian in the entourage of aristocratic villas, erected in the center of Moscow - in one of the courtyards in Spiridonovka lined with mansions of the XIX and XX century.

'Two Smoking Barrels': Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington in the new trailer

Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington in the new trailer

All lovers of quality fighters about tough guys with guns - a new trailer for the film Baltasar Kormakur "Two Smoking Barrels" (2 Guns), the major co-starring Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington.

Bobby and The Stig - first-class thieves, real bad guys that his words do not climb, but always ready to pull out of the pocket gun. Only, in fact, no they are not robbers, and undercover agents - one of Navy Intelligence, the second - from the Office of Narcotics.

Forced to work together, the agents clean out pockets of the mafia, are not yet betrayed by their own superiors. Now the guys will find out who framed them, while the entire underworld trying to kill them, and former colleagues - planted behind bars.

Film "Two Smoking Barrels", loosely based on the eponymous comic book mini-series, will on Russian screens in early September of this year. 

David Beckham shows his sons, as trained athletes

David Beckham

No way, David Beckham decided to really grow out of their sons, or, as in the press jokingly refers to them, "Beckham's own team of" professional football players. The other day my father took a star Brooklyn and Romeo to the professional workshop. Paparazzi captured him in charge of his "team" when they left together one of the stadiums in Los Angeles, which in this day held classes football club "Real Madrid".

Embodying their aspirations to turn his family into a football dynasty the athlete is quite consistent. After completing his career, he can be proud of the eldest son Brooklyn, who went to study at the prestigious London Academy of the football club 'Queens Park Rangers ".

Recall that Brooklyn honorably passed all exams. In this case, apparently, the famous dad refused to help her son in the flow - so, Beckham Jr. went on view to the coaches of the club "Chelsea", but its data is not impressed by the leadership of the "aristocrats" and Brooklyn had to look for a different sports academy which eventually became the "Queens".

And let the people of Albion still do not believe that Brooklyn Beckham ever will be in the national team. If he does not wait for sporting success, David is still at least two chances to hand down their laurels on the field - in the face of Romeo and Cruz.

Romeo and Brooklyn Beckham

'Rihanna is afraid of becoming unpopular'

It seems that the life of Rihanna's all good: The singer has toured extensively, resting in the resorts with friends, removed for advertising, presents the new collections and earns a good idea.

Meanwhile, sources close to the singer say: a star now " threatening "psychological state. It is said that she is suffering sverhpodozritelnostyu and even consult with the Buddhist predictor. Rihanna has become a concern of its popularity, and the associated feelings and fears:

Now it is exhausted, feels lonely. She is very afraid of what fans can look away from her, afraid of losing their fame. Not only did she regularly visits a therapist, but in recent years often refers to fortune-tellers and soothsayers. Moreover, under their influence she sees the signs and symbols used in ordinary things.

According to insiders, the only "lifeline" singer is now a model Kara Devlin, from which they had recently had fun on the French Riviera. It was she who listens to her friend, provides valuable advice and help to survive difficult times:
have Rihanna has a secret phone number is known only to her mother and Kara. When they meet, then spend all night in the conversations, and in addition, constantly exchanging sms and call back.

Well, let's hope that Kara Devlin Rihanna will overcome her fears - of course, if they exist at all.