Jul 30, 2013

'Fashion Garden': Lookbook resort collection A La Russe

Images from the resort collection Lookbook A La Russe Anastasia Romantsova 2014 

Decorations for the show A La Russe collection autumn-winter 2013-2014 are listed blizzard trails, shaggy spruce and icy snow-covered arches of the gardens of the mansion Zhivago Pasternak. In the next season, the designer Anastasia Romantsova takes us into the sunlit blossoming apple orchard. The heroine of her new line of Russian aristocrat was again, this time appears as a respectable adventurer. She is staying at a country estate, inhaling the scents of blooming apple trees and cherry trees, it comes at a beach resort - in Koktebel, where wanders the fabulous wild gardens, reminiscent of the pre-revolutionary Russia.

Models from the new collection of Anastasia Romantsova enliven in memory of documentary photographs of the royal family from the walls of the Alexander Palace, from where the Romanovs were taken to the Peter and Paul Fortress, and scenes from the autobiography of the second wave of emigrants - Vladimir Nabokov - like:

I see a mother to pass the ball into the net - and stomp foot in the flat white shoe ... Mayersovskoe guide for the game of tennis turned over Lone breeze on a green bench .. Air blouse and tight skirt mother Picayune ... belong to the same era as flannel shirts and pants men.

These descriptions fit to use, and commenting on the new resort collection Anastasia Romantsova. She - as well as the pages of prose immigrant devoted to memories of the pre-revolutionary Russia, riddled with heady mood of happiness and flavors of the sea, apple blossom and fresh bread.

Here - and nostalgic sailor paired with pleated skirts and striped cotton pants and white jackets with shiny gold-colored buttons and lace shorts, and even straw hats, straw hat, as well as Sweatshirts, parks and sports suits - straight from the era of the development of women's sportswear, when it was no less elegant than the current secular toilets. They heroine Anastasia Romantsova arrange evenings in the gardens of improvised concerts and performances themselves draw them posters, play Burime and relax in hammocks under the flowering trees.

Symbol of collection and source of inspiration for the designer was the apple - Ward, strong values ​​of joy, wisdom, love, peace, beauty and eternity. Collection "with the scent of" juicy green apple in a delicate palette of spring was captured by Svetlana Vashenyak stylist and photographer Ilya Vartanian in the entourage of aristocratic villas, erected in the center of Moscow - in one of the courtyards in Spiridonovka lined with mansions of the XIX and XX century.