Jun 21, 2013

The fourth day of the Royal Tournament Royal Ascot-2013

Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Sarwat El-Hassan 

Royal Equestrian Tournament Royal Ascot - not only a sports event, but also secular - in full swing. While jockeys are counted laps on the famous racetrack, ladies hats change: each of the five days of the tournament should appear in the new.

In addition to showcasing new hats and taking speed records, in general, the story is repeated every year: horses, ladies in fantastic head hats and gentlemen in top hats. During their existence, by the way watching the so-called fashion police - a special service that monitors conform the external appearance of a regulation. It's no joke - even bet here, wondering in what color hat will the Queen once of days!

Way, today she chose cornflower blue and pink happy was yesterday - it was the day before, as reported by The New York Times , the horse of British Queen Elizabeth II won King's Cup "Golden Ascot".

Queen, an avid fan of horse racing and try not to miss a single race at Ascot, did not hide their joy and smiling broadly, watching as her horse crossed the finish line first.

James Gandolfini: the homage of his former partners on the screen and Hollywood

Following the death of James Gandolfini (see our article), many of his colleagues wanted to pay their last respects. Earlier in the evening, the channel and the creator of the Sopranos is already expressed in a press release. Tony Sirico, aka Paulie on The Sopranos, has expressed his sadness at the specialized website Deadline. "Tony was one of my best friends in life, he was there whenever I needed him. It has not only helped my career, it was also with me in life and I will be forever grateful.
Both, we committed to help American troops, we were moved to the same combat zones to visit the Marines. We will miss him at all, "he has said. Patricia Arquette, who shared the stage with James Gandolfini in True Romance, also expressed in the columns of the Hollywood Reporter. "My thoughts are with his family.
James was incredibly talented and I'm very lucky to have worked with him. He was very involved in the filming of True Romance. I remember Tony Scott told me he slept with his clothes in his car to stay in character. His work on The Sopranos was exceptional. It was a real loss to the world of artists. "Meanwhile, Lorraine Bracco, The Sopranos in its therapist, made a simple statement. "We lost a giant in the world. I've broken "heart. On Twitter, others paid tribute to James Gandolfino: Michael Chiklis, "James Gandolfini. What a huge loss. A brilliant actor and an extraordinary man. Our condolences to the family.
 I collapsed. "Katey Segal:" Speechless. James Gandolfini. So sad ... a thought for his children, "Eric Balfour:" RIP James Gandolfini ... It was one of my heroes, an incredible artist and his talent will be missed by all! "Josh Henderson:" I just read the news about James Gandolfini ... I had never met, but it was a damn talented actor. Gone too soon. Rip my brother ... # Prayers "Julie Benz:" so sad ... RIP James Gandolfini ... your work has inspired and entertained so ... so sad. "Susan Sarandon:" So sad to lose James Gandolfini. One of the funniest actors gentle, and generous with whom I worked. Prayers for his family. " Olivia Wilde: "James Gandolfini was a nice man, funny and unique. I am so lucky to have worked with him. Lot of thought to his family. What a sad day. " Ewan McGregor: "Jesus. The world has lost one of its greatest players. James Gandolfini is off. My thoughts to his family. A great talent. How sad. " Debra Messing: "What sad news about James Gandolfini. Shocked. HUGE loss. Nice, humble, and a singular talent. Rest in peace. " Shannen Doherty: "James Gandolfini ... So talented, kind and far too young to disappear as well. We will miss you, sir. " Samuel L. Jackson: "How sad for the world of actors today ... the disappearance of James Gandolfini. So talented. My thoughts are with his family. " Lea Michele: "What bad news ... James Gandolfini ... What an amazing actor ... My thoughts are with his family. " Lindsay Lohan: "James Gandolfini was a good friend and a great man. My condolences go out to his family. He will be missed. Lot " Kat Dennings: "James Gandolfini. What a sad day. Much too young. It leaves a beautiful borrow on the world. " Steven McQueen: "Rest in peace James Gandolfini. It was a pleasure to work with you and get to know you. We will not forget you. " Damon Lindelof: "James Gandolfini. You created a inconu. And you're leaving so too abrupe. Thank you and rest in peace "John Cusack:" RIP James Gandolfini - I had the pleasure of working with him and to know him a little - someone always very honest, kind, acting with class "Rob Lowe "James Gandolfini gave us the most incredible acting performance in the history of television. It was also a very nice man. "Kristin Chenoweth:" NO. No James Gandolfini. It was part of my 5 favorite players HISTORY. ("Jimmy Kimmel," I'm James Gandolfini collapsed for all other "Rainn Wilson...." Arrivederci, James Gandolfini You were one of the largest of the big TU we miss a lot with your big heart # RIPGandolfini "


Jason Schwartzman in the upcoming Tim Burton

The cast of "Big Eyes" is expanding. The intriguing future Tim Burton can count on a charismatic actor. But, surprisingly, it is not Johnny Depp!

Indeed, fetish actor, with whom he went on to direct "Sleepy Hollow" and "Dark Shadows" is not always part of the project. In contrast, the less famous but so talented Jason Schwartzman is now attached.

Among known for his performances in films by Wes Anderson ("The Darjeeling Limited", "Moonrise Kingdom") Jason Schwartzman has also had roles in "Marie Antoinette" by Sofia Coppola, or in the comedy series "Bored To Death".

"Big Eyes" will tell the true story of Walter Keane ( Christoph Waltz) and Margaret Keane (Amy Adams), a couple of artists became famous for his paintings of children with huge eyes. Schwartzman pitched a gallery in San Francisco.


Ryan Reynolds: hurry to be a dad

Ryan Reynolds is eager to have children with Blake Lively. But according to a source of Star, it would first focus on his career.

Ryan Reynolds could not wait to start a family with his wife Blake Lively.

Both actors were married in a secret ceremony in South Carolina last year. They have not yet celebrated their first wedding anniversary, but according to some sources, the actor of 36 years would really want to become a father. However, Blake Lively does not share his dream, at least for the moment. "Ryan is really excited, told a relative in the Star magazine. Blake Ryan promised it would be 40 years before Dad. You can not blame him for wanting to wait: she's so young. But he is determined to change her mind. "

Sources added that the young woman of 25 years preferred to concentrate on his career before becoming a mother. Ryan Reynolds was previously married to actress Scarlett Johansson, but their marriage ended in a divorce finalized in 2011. It is rumored that their separation is linked to his desire to have children. "For years he wants to start a family. This is one reason why he broke up with Scarlett Johansson: she was not interested, "revealed the source

Shortly after the marriage of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively last September. rumored that they had decided to name their children in honor of their place of ceremony. Exchange vows in planting contained in the romantic movie The Notebook would have a great impact on the couple who would have thought to Charleston and Carolina for a boy for a girl.

If Blake Lively does not feel ready to have her own children, she loves anyway mothering of others. It also shares a strong bond with his nieces and nephews and had previously said she was joking, saying "to be their mother."

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively met in 2010 on the set Green Lantern.


Maria Golubkina remarried?

Maria Golubkina - "Congratulations"

At yesterday's opening of the Moscow International Film Festival is not only Brad Pitt riveted all eyes - a weighty share of attention received Golubkina actress Maria, who came to the ceremony in a wedding dress with a lace veil.

While members and guests wondered - is simply outrageous trick or actress really married? - Maria repeatedly walked the red carpet for all time to consider a wedding dress.

But we now know that in just a few hours before the release of a secular, Mary became the wife of astronaut. Chosen one of the actresses is only known that his name is Andrew.

At the wedding ceremony attended girlfriend Golubkina - Rita Mitrofanov, namely it has shed light on the changes in his personal life of Mary.

The marriage was the second account for the actress - in 1995 she married a showman Nikolai Fomenko, the couple divorced in 2008 and now jointly foster daughter Anastasia and son Ivan.



Selma Blair : fired because of gossip

Selma Blair has never said anything bad about Charlie Sheen on Anger Management platform. According to Radar Online, she would have spoken to him a relative who was eager to go and repeat his words.

This week, Selma Blair's dismissal was confirmed. It is no longer part of the cast of the series Anger Management, in which Charlie Sheen plays a therapist. This would have required that the actress be thanked because she complained of his behavior patterns with the program.

However, it would appear now that the actress has complained of person on the board. She would have just told the near Charlie always arrived late, complicating the shooting. The unidentified person then reported the information to another friend and actor has heard. "Selma did not say anything bad about Charlie on the board. The whole team of the series was sick [behavior Charlie] but nobody complained to producers because they knew they could get fired, reported a source to RadarOnline. But the comments she made about him in private it reached the ears and he won. He asked that it be fired. This is his series and was therefore thanked. "

Charlie Sheen apparently had echoed remarks Selma Blair it a while ago and had therefore made some changes scenario. Initially, the character of Selma was in love with Charlie, but in the last episode, it was not the case. The actor has apparently decided that their romance would end when he began to "hear things".

However, initially, the two stars got along very well and Selma Blair even told Charlie Sheen was "charismatic." In exchange, he was sacred among the most beautiful women in Hollywood. "Selma, he loved and hated. And when he changes his mind, that's how. That was the end for her, "the source added.

Charlie Sheen was a fan of Selma Blair even before it joins the program. He particularly enjoyed his performance in the film Cruel Intentions in 1999 and had even befriended her. According to rumors, he would have liked that their relationship turns into love ... "How close were they? Let's just say he was crazy about her. At least we can talk about desire, the source concluded. At the beginning of the series, Sheen was still extremely attracted to Selma. You can call it drag or whatever you want, but his feelings were obvious. He thought there was a chemistry. "

In an emergency, Charlie Sheen had asked Mila Kunis to replace Selma Blair time a dozen episodes.


JoeyStarr: a grudge against Booba

JoeyStarr does not hide his animosity towards Booba. Asked by the BBC TV, the former member of NTM called the rapper "bicycle pump".

JoeyStarr has not been very kind to the rapper Booba. Known for his outspoken former member of NTM gave its opinion on the performer Fell for it.

"For me it is a bicycle pump, Booba, he said to BBC TV. He returns in gyms in Miami. It has no interest. There was a time when we began to French rap, and once we came back to this thing follower, to do things that are not like us. "

JoeyStarr reproach foremost Booba not innovate both musically and textually. "I think Booba is a follower. If you're gondola, at least you try to do things to change [the report], it is not there to play. Some of his texts, the full texts of the American rappers, so you're nothing. If you do not created, you're nothing to me. Today, gangsta rap is the most commercial attitude that exists. This is ridiculous. "

Booba had already drawn the ire this week another French artist, Johnny Hallyday. "I do not think he was on top throughout his career. It did not cross the time, he only succeeded by his fans. Today, it has no hits, "stated the rapper in the magazine La Capitale. A personal attack which the principal party responded with humor on social networks. "Haha Booba is that? "Has just posted on Twitter Johnny Hallyday.

Few hours later, the singer put online a picture with JoeyStarr with as a caption" Here's a good rapper. "


Star at a charity event in London

Kate Moss in the company of wife Jamie Hince and old friend Stella McCartney, Hugh Grant, Russell Brand and other stars from the world of film, music, television and fashion were the guests of a party in honor of the achievements of the charity The Hoping Foundation.

Gala Dinner , Benefit, a gala evening - whatever it was called in the event invitation, perhaps, the best festival, held in one of the fashionable London restaurant can be described as a party. Indeed star party with lots of treats and "soft drinks", from which the tables were full, and impressive entertainment (guests enjoyed performances by Florence Welch, Patti Smith and a stand-up rooms well-known artists).

As a result: a lot of shots "no tie" with the party and some photos from the paparazzi at the outlet - according to eyewitnesses, many of the stars could not take them into waiting cars without outside help. In short, the evening was a great success!