Jun 19, 2013

Sam Taylor-Johnson will remove the : 50 shades of gray

Fans of "50 shades of gray" - shattered! It seems the film's production has moved forward: today it was announced that director porn stories by Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Kinematografistka 46-year-old, known for work on the tape, "Nowhere Boy", the script will remove the picture of Kelly Marseille, which, in turn, was based on an "immortal" a work by EL James.

Manufacturers pictures already released an official statement which says literally:

Sam has a unique talent to portray relationship in which the intertwined complex emotions, love and sexual chemistry. And that's what makes her an ideal candidate to talk about the novel by Christian and Anastasia. Artwork by EL James suggests that the director did not hesitate to go beyond, and Sam is one of those who are not afraid to take risks.

Well, Taylor-Wood, it seems really knows what's what in the relations between men and zhenschiiny - after all, this is not due to her marriage to 23-year-old handsome actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson?

On who will play the main role, while still not known. But we keep our fingers crossed for that "50 Shades" will be performed either Matt Bomer or Ian Sommerholder.

Director of the film "50 shades of gray," Sam Taylor-Wood and her husband, Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Barack, Michelle and their daughters in Berlin

Michelle Obama, the first lady and her two daughters Sasha, 12 and Malia, 14 years accompanied Barack Obama during his official visit to the G8 summit in Germany. The "ladies" had, also, a full agenda: they visited the memorial of the Berlin Wall and of course made a tour of the Reichstag. What was less obvious: Sasha and Malia were able to spend the night at the movies ... as "normal" children. The images ...

the actor Edward Furlong charged with domestic violence

American actor Edward Furlong, revealed as a teenager in the movie "Terminator 2", was indicted Tuesday for domestic violence and threats against his girlfriend, announced Attorney of Los Angeles.

player 35, who pleaded not guilty, was jailed and bail set at $ 100,000, said the prosecutor's office said in a statement.
According to the indictment, Edward Furlong , already sued for violence was prohibited from approaching the home of his girlfriend in West Hollywood. It is, however, made on May 21, assaulted the woman and threatened with reprisals if she warned the police.
It also comes to damage, the prosecutor added.
He was charged with intimidation by force or threat, assault likely to cause serious injury, vandalism and breach of a deportation order.
In If convicted, the actor faces up to four years in prison. The date of the preliminary hearings, pre-trial, will be determined on July 1
Edward Furlong was revealed at the age of 14 years. "Terminator 2 - Judgment Day" by James Cameron (1991) in the role of the young John Connor, under the protective wing of the terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger.
filmography also includes such films as "Little Odessa" (1994), "American History X" (1998 .) or "The Green Hornet" (2011)
strong presence on the screen in recent years - 13 feature films between 2011 and 2013 - it is essentially confined to B movies

Channing Tatum, the man who Whisperer Women

Channing Tatum thinks his wife will laugh at him when she hears his new nickname. "The man who Whisperer women" explained why at Refinery 29. 

Channing Tatum is not very convinced by his new nickname, "the man whispered in the ear women. "

The Hollywood hunk has starred in feature films like Magic Mike, where he reveals his perfect anatomy. The actor with muscular abs is not a less sensitive man who speaks of his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and their newborn Everly. "No, no, that's horrible!, Channing Tatum responds to Refinery 29 who asked him if he had heard his new nickname man Whisperer women. Oh, I will avenge me for it. My wife will say, 'Oh really?' "

The star of 21 Jump Street may have a sixth sense with women, but it is sometimes very good to deal with situations like a man. He recalled an incident that occurred while hiking where he could not get out alone. "What I would consider a crisis is when my wife and I have been in trouble for a hike in the woods. It was on the slopes of a mountain and had not allowed enough time to return to the light of day, he recalls. I almost fell off the mountain when we returned in the dark. It was she who helped me get there. So I guess my wife keeps my head on his shoulders. "

The actor of 33 years appears in the action film White House Down alongside Jamie Foxx. He says he met the star of Django Unchained during a drunken night out. "We met in Cancun, surprisingly. It was the Summer of Sony, and we were all having dinner. I saw very quickly and I returned to the hotel to relax.

There were DJs doing their thing, but Mr. Foxx has decided to take matters in hand, and made it an unforgettable celebration. I think my wife and I had the air out of the pool at the end of the evening, we were soaked to the bone, he laughs. I was there to sing Michael Jackson and stuff it was a crazy night. A great thing. We do not even know yet [we play together in a movie! "

This year, after the Oscars, Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx attended the U.S. talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote their new film. The two friends sang a duet song called All Over Your Channing Tatum during the interview, which has become viral on the net. Channing, Jamie and Jimmy have now unveiled the video for the song parody. Like all parodies of Jimmy Kimmel, the video includes cameo appearances, including Olivia Munn, Matt Damon and Miley Cyrus. "Look at Miley in the video for 'All Over My Channing Tatum!' , "The singer tweeted about the video. "Send on Channing Tatum gives birth babies ...

 ChanningAllOverYourTatum LOOK "Channing Tatum tweeted today.

Kate and William did not know the sex of their child

William and Kate do not know the sex of their first child to be born in mid-July in the London private hospital where Diana, the prince's mother had given birth to two boys, sources said on Wednesday at Buckingham Palace. < br> & Kate, 31, to give birth in mid-July after the St Mary's Hospital, London. It is in this setting that the mother of Prince William, Diana, who died in 1997, gave birth to her son two.

The couple chose not to know the sex of their first child. But boy or girl, he or she will access the throne following a recent change in the rules of succession.

Kate opted for a vaginal delivery, which will assist her husband. William, a helicopter pilot, planned to take two weeks of paternity leave to help his wife.


Kanye West is not politically correct

Kanye West has been criticized because of words related to Parkinson's disease on one of his new songs. TMZ has collected the testimonies of associations. 

Kanye West would show "ignorance" with respect to Parkinson's disease on one of his new songs, according to several associations.

 The sixth album by rapper, Yeezus, was released this week, and one of his pieces is already the subject of controversy. In the song On Sight, uses Parkinson's disease for one of his rhymes, and this lack of tact angered the American Parkinson Disease Association.

In the song, you can hear Kanye West singing, "A monster about to come alive again / Soon as I pull up an 'park the Benz / We get this bitch shaking like Parkinson's "(note: A monster is about to resurrect / As soon as I point and I park the Benz / this bitch starts to shake as if she had Parkinson).

Kathryn Whitford, vice-president of the American Parkinson Disease Association, criticized the words of the rapper. "We find that these words are evidence of bad taste and an obvious ignorance," she told TMZ.
Kanye West has yet to respond to the controversy.

The American Parkinson Disease Association is not the only organization to have risen against the rapper. Tom Palizzi, president of People with Parkinson's Advisory Council also condemned the song Kanye West and asked him to show a little more understanding about the degenerative disease. "Kanye West is obviously a talented artist and multi-faceted. But with all due respect to freedom of expression and debate the nature of art in general, there is a distinction between the expression and the lack of sensitivity, he said. Many of us try to see the good sides of a chronic, degenerative disease and many find these harsh and insensitive words. As President and on behalf of the CHP, I would be happy to help Mr. West to better sort out the truth and fantasies surrounding Parkinson's disease. Some celebrities like Michael J. Fox, Muhammad Ali and Ben Petrick, my peers and millions of others show unwavering stamina shown by those affected by the disease. "

Recently, the rapper - who became a father of his first child with Kim Kardashian this weekend - took some time to add more accessible pieces" "on his album

Last month, Kanye West sang two new songs, Black Skinhead and New Slaves on the set of Saturday Night Live, which received mixed reviews.

Jennifer Lopez stronger than ever

Jennifer Lopez was assigned to The Telegraph about his recent divorce with Marc Anthony. The star was keen to allow time for it before falling into the arms of the dancer Casper Smart. 

Revealed to the public in the 1990s, Jennifer Lopez is now much calmer vis- -vis his career and his love life. The singer has yet reached its third divorce last year after separating from the father of her twins, Marc Anthony.

Now in a relationship with Casper Smart, the star has a busy news from his new movie, Parker, and the release of his eighth album. "I feel like I can finally do what I want, she told The Telegraph. For a long time I suffered all that was happening in my life. I have learned over the years to enjoy the moment and appreciate things in a different way. "

Jennifer Lopez was previously married to Ojani Noa Cuban actor, with whom she stayed a couple from 1997 to 1998. The star subsequently married her dancer Cris Judd before attending Ben Affleck and P.Diddy. If it has not always been lucky in love, but the singer remains optimistic. "When Marc and I decided to separate us, I said," I will not let this experience turn me into a person who no longer believes in love. " I do not want to undergo this mishap. I wanted to come out stronger. I learned a lot this step. The most important thing is to continue to love me. As a woman, I do not think we spend enough time. We still love someone more than ourselves. I did that for a long time and I do not understand why things did not work. I realized then that I did not feel as much as I should. "

43 years old, Jennifer Lopez is the entertainment industry has changed vis-à-vis women her age. "I feel that women how to get out of these preconceptions. All the most brilliant actresses today are in their forties. The new generation of actresses is not yet in, and it's the same thing for the singers. Formerly in Hollywood, you're finished when you spend 28 years, it was the cult of youth. People are now beginning to realize how women get better with experience and wisdom. This is a very feminist "moment, said Jennifer Lopez.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were sentenced to prison for tax evasion

Domenko Dolce and Stefano Gabbana sentenced to a year and eight months in prison - as an Italian court ruled today. They are accused of failing to pay several hundred million dollars in taxes (it is the sum of about 500 million euros).

Designers themselves were not present at the meeting. The duo has denied the allegations, which are based on the fact that they sold their brands - Dolce & Gabbana and D & G - a shell company registered in Luxembourg in 2004, in order to avoid paying taxes in Italy, which are among the highest in Europe.

prosecutor called for the designers of two and a half years of detention, but the judge decided otherwise.

However, it is assumed that Dolce and Gabbana are unlikely to be behind bars - given the complexity and duration of the appeal process.

Be that as it may, "Gossip" continues to monitor developments.

Star at a charity dinner at the Louvre

All French light yesterday gathered at one of the most aristocratic and grandiose events of Paris - a charity dinner Liaisons Au Louvre III. Among the star guests of the evening were Olga Kurylenko and Milla Jovovich and Charlotte Casiraghi, Bianca Brandolini d'Adda and others.

In the walls of one of the most famous museums in the world dinner guests were not only able to enjoy fine French cuisine and masterpieces of world art, but also the legendary Diana Ross concert (at the same dinner in 2011, the year to sing in honor of the fallen walls of the Louvre Dzhennet Jackson, and in 2008 - the group Duran Duran).

organizer Liaisons Au Louvre is amerkianka Becca Cason Thrash, striving to keep as much of the masterpieces of French culture - it is for this purpose and will the money raised on the evening. By the way, to get to the event guest list is not easy - it is connected not only with the international interest in the project, but a rigidly limited number of seats. And tickets (at least last year's dinner) treated every guest at ten thousand dollars.

Summer mood: Carla Bruni and her daughter Julia in Paris

When you're not the first lady of the country, and a loving mother - can afford to spend with my daughter as much more time. It is this principle should Carla Bruni, who every sunny day in Paris uses to walk with baby Julia.

Judging by the wide smile, the status of mothers like Carla is much more than the official title - for all the walk Bruni never took the stroller and gladly wore polutorogodovaluyu daughter in her arms.

pity that the family was unable to join Nicolas Sarkozy - then the joy of girls (and, of course, the paparazzi) would be complete!

Williams took up arms against Sharapova due to a former lover?

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, top-ranked Serena Williams has criticized one of his long-standing rival, now undergoing a torrid affair with the tennis player:

Each interview she starts with the words: "I'm so happy, I'm so lucky" - it's so boring! And now it is unlikely to be invited to a class party. And you know, if she wants to be with a guy who has a black heart, health.

Williams chose not to call the name of tennis players, however, the journalist publications guessed everything himself and hurried to inform readers - we are talking about Maria Sharapova . Russian athlete currently meets with Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov, who is rumored to have previously been linked romantically involved with Serena.

Author also suggested that the fury of the American tennis player is caused not only personal happiness Sharapova:
< br> Serena - number one in tennis. Maria Sharapova - number two. Sharapova - tall, fair-skinned and blond, and it is therefore earn more money on advertising than the Serena, which is dark-skinned, beautiful and composed as the same monster truck that crushes "Folsksvageny" in sports arenas. Sharapova, Serena has not won in nine years. Think about it.

Last Serena beat Masha on the court just a couple of weeks ago - in the final of the tournament Roland Garos. Sharapova then joked that she got really powerful physique competitor.