May 10, 2013

Photos of the bag with the -white powder- Kara Devlin

Just yesterday it was reported that the career of one of the most successful models to date Kara Devlin could go into decline - all because of a small packet of "white powder" dropped out of the bag model at a time when it was filming the paparazzi.

Of course, the media were full of headlines, which involved the words "cocaine" and "drugs." Find out what was in the package, has not yet succeeded - Kara herself or her representatives did not comment on the incident. But in the network has pictures of themselves, because of which there was turmoil.

Recall that, according to the photographer, he caught a model when she was trying to get home and, still chuckling, looking for the keys in her purse. At some point, Kara dropped the bag, which fell out of a bag of white powder - the model carefully covered her with his foot, and hurried away again.

Press obvinâet Karu Delvin of used cocaine Press accuses Kara Devlin in cocaine use

Bags of Kary Delvin vypal Paketik with white pudroj ... Bags of Kara Devlin dropped a bag of white powder ...

Sacs de Kary Delvin vypal paketik avec du blanc pudroj ... Sacs de Kara Devlin a chuté d'un sac de poudre blanche ...

Leonardo DiCaprio: I wanted to give up the role of Jay Gatsby

A few days are left before the premiere of "The Great Gatsby" and Leonardo DiCaprio has decided to please fans candid interview on the television show Good Morning America.

In an interview with a leading Leo admitted that the role of Jay Gatsby, not only was given to him is not easy - he even planned to withdraw from the project. But in the great work he has helped a close friend of Tobey Maguire and director Baz Luhrmann, DiCaprio, who starred in "Romeo and Juliet" 17 years ago.

On the role of Jay Gatsby:
I knew it was a risky venture. When we go to the theater, each of us has their own idea of "The Great Gatsby." I can not even count you how many people have recently come up to me and shared that this work - the best book in the world. And, of course, they think that I realized on the screen all the ideas that have developed in their head. But the presence in the film Toby [Maguayara] and base - people who I know for more than 20 years, really helped me. And yet, at first I hesitated for a long time, but the partnership and trust [convinced me to accept this role].

About the marriage:
I'm getting married, if there is a reason for this. We'll see what life brings me in the future. I'm not one of those who try to predict their lives. And I prefer to live for today.

On the mode:
I think fashion plays a very small role in my life. In truth, I almost do not think about it. I never caught up with fashion and I'm not interested in those who are important to what I'm wearing, I like to dress as comfortable as possible. But, of course, when I plan to visit movie premieres, or to see the light, then dressed accordingly solemn occasion.

Leonardo also said that he had read "The Great Gatsby" in high school - but, before you agree to take part in the project, re-read the novel Fitzgerald. Not only that, Baz Luhrmann shared with him a copy of the first edition of the book.

Also at the end of the interview DiCaprio recalled that on May 13 he will take part in a charity auction, "11:00" - the actor will sell more than 30 paintings, and the proceeds will send a Fund for Nature.

Kellan Lutz and Vinson broke Charny

The beginning of May was not easy for Kellan Lutz : "Twilight" star broke up with his girlfriend, Australian actress and model Charny Vinson - this, several sources told the publication US Weekly.
Recall, the lovers began meeting in September 2011. Kellan has repeatedly admitted that he Charny is easy and fun, and their joint photo with beach holidays always evoked positive from fans - so bright and harmonious seemed to them a couple. The actor shared with a smile:
So cool that the person next to me with whom you can laugh all the time. This is something special.
Now that Kellan ahead "dummy" summer (that should please fans), and now he plans to go on a promotional tour of "Syrup" with Amber Heard and Brittany Snow.

Suri Cruise will release his own clothing collection

7-year-old Suri Cruise last fall only went to school, and it has already unofficially referred to as a style icon : it became known that the girl will soon launch his own clothing collection. Amount of the fee for my daughter Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise was 1.5 million pounds.
Collection of clothing, shoes and accessories for girls, so that they might be called - Suri, will appear in department stores in New York this fall. This became known thanks to the tabloid The Sun.
The source said the publication, Sury, despite such a young age, already being interested in fashion and does not go out of the house, while not carefully think through his image:
It's a great hobby for her, though Curi no plans to devote fashion design all my life. Most girls can only dream about how to create your clothes, and now her drawings come true.
Of course, the creators of the collection a bit cunning, and seven-year old girl will not be alone to think of a new collection - she plans to come to the aid of mother Kathy and her close friend and colleague at the fashionable experiment, designer Jin Young.
By the way, Katie's is not the first "attack" fashion brands that offer help in the creation of the first collection named Suri Cruise - first actress was planning to create a blog for my daughter, but then eventually decided to bring it to a larger-scale design project.
If the experiment proves successful - Bernd Suri will be presented in other U.S. chain stores.

Shakira: Now my figure looks passable

In late January, Shakira first became a mother : Colombian singer Gerard Pique gave his son Milan . From the very first days after the baby is born singer took for himself and began to actively return the former slender figure.

Hotch fans were delighted by how quickly postroynela Shakira, herself a perfectionist is not quite happy with the result. In a recent interview, the singer said:

I still long to be working on yourself. I want to get rid of a few extra pounds. But my body looks passable.

After discussing fitness plans, Shakira fondly talks about his first-born:

Milan is awesome. He's so silly, but it is already very attentive. As if he knew what's going on around him. Son notices when someone enters the room or out of it. This is something.

Like most busy moms, Shakira is trying to find a balance between work and family - not to the detriment of one of the spheres of life:

You know, this is an inevitable component of motherhood. You try to balance your life.

To never for a moment to part with his son, Shakira often takes Milan with him on set - tells about it and show host Carson Daly, often staying in a cozy trailer, a young mother:

Since Milan is a complete children's room! It's like Shakira opens the door, and immediately begins to play the melody It's a Small World. All were equipped specifically for Milan. Everything here is truly special and cool. We're quite a small family.

But Shakira is convinced - not to coddle her son, and with her male colleagues. The singer laughs:

Here, everything looks like a kindergarten, because these guys - like babies themselves.

Shakira's wish to get back the figure of her dreams, and we will wait for the new image with the younger son.

Neo-hippie: Karolina Kurkova in the fashion photo shoot

Karolina Kurkova does not lose its position in the fashion Olympus: Czech model became the heroine of the latest issue Numero Tokyo, presented in the journal in the form of neo-hippies.

Striking blonde tried on the front of the camera the photographer original outfits from top designers adding images so fashionable this season rims and wreaths of flowers.
It is worth noting that despite the "pre-retirement" for the model age - 29 years - Kurkova is one of the most sought-after fashion models of modernity, in addition, more recently, she, along with Naomi Campbell and Coco Rocha, is the show The Face , which supports and as telediva, and as a mentor, teaching beginners the basics truzhennits podium of his skill

Battle Dress: Kristen Stewart vs. Ashanti

Thought to designer Stella McCartney, that it will "push" their clothes in the "Battle Dress" on SPLETNIK.RU? Today, for the title of best "compete" Kristen Stewart and Ashanti, who at various times opted for a knitted dress Stella McCartney.

First contrast combination of black and deep rich green appreciated Kristen, who thoughtfully posed for photographers at a press conference in Los Angeles in November of last year. Pretty quiet way Kristen reinforced black nosed shuttles (though certainly not averse to change the shoes in your favorite sneakers).

Actress and singer Ashanti chose almost the same model of dress for the event A & E Networks 2013 Upfront, which recently took place in New York City. More shapely rival chose a green dress with extra padding and a solid black color and added it open sandals and a leather jacket.