Dec 9, 2013

Trailer of Sherlock new season

December 8 at 20:00 London time (00:00 MSK) on the channel BBC One trailer premiere of the third season of Sherlock. Simultaneously on the website it appeared Wiremax interactive version. Thank for the news blogger Fox07.

Recall series premiere is scheduled for the Christmas holidays. The first series of the third season, viewers will see on January 1. The second series will be shown on BBC One on January 5, and the third - the 12th.

Earlier, December 4, BBC One launched a teaser series, from which it became clear that the main character - Sherlock - alive (in the last episode of the second season he dies).

In continuation of the advertising campaign, after the announcement of the release of the first episode of the streets of London launched a hearse, announcing the premiere. Note that the third season will begin with a series titled "Empty hearse".