Dec 22, 2013

Tom Cruise won the case for 50 million dollars

Tom Cruise sued the Bauer Media Group Life & Style after the tabloid said that the star father threw his daughter Suri from his marriage to Hollywood actress Katie Holmes, and after the divorce did not communicate with her.

51-year-old Cruz has issued a lawsuit against media group in October 2012. Tom moral damages estimated at $ 50 million. And here, in California federal court recently held a meeting at which the court sided with the actor.

Recall that the five-year marriage between Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was called one of the best, but after 5 years the couple separated. The reason was the overreliance Tom Scientology religion. After the divorce, Katie in the ship's order banned her ex-husband take the child to his church.

Lawyer Bert Fields, Tom Cruise said: "Tom - not aggressive people, and does not like to sue people. But when these lecherous vultures make money on his honest name and lie about the relationship with his daughter, he had no choice ».

Furthermore, at the hearing the plaintiff's lawyer said that he frequently speaks with Tom, Suri, and if it is not possible see - they talk on the phone.