Dec 16, 2013

The godfather of one of the children Pugacheva and Galkin was Igor Nikolaev

Last weekend took christening one of the most popular now children - twins Lisa and Harry Galkin. In this celebrity mom Alla Pugacheva revealed the secret as to why the boy chose a name - it turns out, he was named not after the British prince.

Sacrament of baptism was held kids at home - in a mansion Maxim Galkin in the suburban village of Dirt . The Church does not forbid pets ceremony, especially if they pass the winter, and the children are still very young. Twins Lisa and Harry December 18 will be 3 months. In addition, so Pugacheva and Galkin wanted to protect their children from prying eyes and paparazzi.

Christenings gathered only the closest friends of the family: naturally Orbakajte with her husband Mikhail Zemtsov and children, Philip, family Yudashkin Buynova , producer Alexander Dostman with his wife, Alina Redel (businesswoman and friend Pugacheva) and Igor Nikolaev with his wife Julia Proskuryakova. By the way, it became known that Nikolaev's godfather of one of the children. After all, the religious name little Harry - Igor.

However, as it turned out, Harry was named in honor of the baby ... Harry Potter! Primadonna explained that when she first saw Maxim Galkin, he reminded her Potter. And then she just liked the combination of first and last name: Harry Galkin.