Dec 3, 2013

Taylor Swift: "I think I impressed men too!"

Since Harry Styles, Taylor Swift is single ... And she has her own idea on the matter, as she told the magazine Hello!

Be an international star, having a fortune of $ 218 million, sing for Victoria's Secret and present the American Music Awards does not leave much time for Taylor Swift to worry about privacy. Yet, according to the young woman of 23 years, this is not his time hampering his love life but rather the image that it returns. That's what she told the British magazine Hello!

I think men too impressed It's not as if I go to the guy and ask him. 'Do I intimidate you?' I think it would really not cool me, "said she started adding:" I tend not to engage in conversation with the boys anyway I'm a bit old fashioned in this regard ..

We may understand better why the singer did not find a boyfriend since splitting with Harry Styles! Between his life and his timidity overloaded, it should not be always easy to be a contender Taylor Swift! Especially the young woman added: "I try not to think about my relationship Or rather, I try not to think about it.". In short, the charming prince, not for now!