Dec 30, 2013

Shakira with her son Milan celebrate Christmas

Shakira, footballer Gerard Piqué and young son pair Milan celebrate Christmas. Obviously, 11-month-old boy was upset about something. Dad managed to shoot and favorite son, to put the tradition on Twitter with the comment:

Lovely ... Everyone a Merry Christmas!!!

36-year-old Shakira copied mimicry crying son, so they are very similar to this fun frame. Now the singer from Colombia enjoys free time with family and recording a new album.

In February 2014 she again become a mentor in the 6th season of the musical show "The Voice".

Son Gerard and Shakira celebrated Christmas for the first time in my life. December 26, he was taken to the great-grandmother, who gave the boy Caga tio - Catalan Christmas hero mythology in the form of logs slotted eyes, nose and a big smile. Yesterday Pique with your favorite visited the Louvre in Paris, that the player also instantly posted in the social network.

Gerard Pique, Shakira, Milan and his gift from her great-grandmother Caga Tio