Dec 11, 2013

Rihanna "inundated" Christmas gifts

Most celebrities very wealthy people who can afford anything, but at the same time, much goes to them for free. This time Rihanna Instagram demonstrated in dozens of Christmas gifts from well-known brands. Note that Christmas is still two weeks, and the flow of gifts on this is unlikely to end.

Convolution can be seen on the title of elite brands: Fendi, MacQueen, Stella MsSartney, Versace and so on. In addition, each designer gift is accompanied by a note from a caring holiday wishes.

So, on a postcard from Rodarte hand drawn sketch of the model and calligraphy displayed congratulation. Prada sent her things "beautiful girl who goes all" and Donatella Versache signed shortly:

I hope you like this bag from my new spring collection.

Here are the tangible pluses "star "Life!