Dec 24, 2013

Rachel Zoe said his son's name, and published his first online photo

Caius " Kai " Jagger Berman - so named his newborn son Rachel Zoe and her husband Roger Berman .

In addition , the American stylist, designer and writer shared with fans the first baby photo : Zoe published a touching picture in his blog where just told the boy's name .
I wanted it to The Zoe Report readers first saw photos of our family , which appeared Caius Jagger Berman, aka " Kai ."
 Roger , Skyler and I love him madly .Thanks for all your kind words, they are very important for nas.
Zhelayu you and your families a great holiday and a Happy New Year !

We remind that on pregnancy Zoe became known last September. Despite the imminent addition, Zoe was to last light. Yesterday it emerged that in the star collection was a joyful event-the designer's second child was born.
The 42-year-old Zoe and her husband have a son, Skyler, who, by the way, thanks to the efforts of MOM-stylist is considered one of the most fashionable of the children of the world.