Dec 30, 2013

Rachel Zoe appeared in public with a newborn son

Week has passed since the moment when Rachel Zoe gave birth to a second child. However, this does not prevent the designer to go on vacation with his family, where she demonstrated a great figure and an excellent sense of style.

Paparazzi managed to take some pictures of Zoe, her husband Roger Berman, the eldest son and newborn baby Skyler, who, to word named - Caius "Kai" Jagger when they arrived at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles.

As expected - the whole family looked very stylish. Zoe for your chosen output black dress on the floor, jacket and high-heeled shoes, and sunglasses complemented image and massive decorations.

Junior Skyler was dressed in a stylish suit, his head adorned hat, without which we probably , rarely see a boy.

But spouse designer opted for a classic suit in light gray.

Rachel Zoe with her husband Roger Berman and son Skyler

Roger Berman with a newborn baby Kaiusu
Toddler Kai