Dec 31, 2013

Photos: Kim Kardashian: much more comfortable on Louboutin heels on skis!

Party to celebrate the new year in the mountains of Utah with her boyfriend Kanye West and her big sister Kourtney, Kim Kardashian was seen yesterday trying to ski with them. The famous American bimbo is not ready to become a queen of the descent.

Check the last weekend in Park City, located in the state of Utah, by private jet with almost his entire clan, only his little sisters Kendall and Kylie are missing, they remained California, Kim Kardashian has invested white stripes yesterday (Monday, 30 December).

Accompanied by her boyfriend Kanye West, who did not want to miss a piece of skin in the freezing cold, and his big sister Kourtney, who as always class, Kim Kardashian donned her skis to slide down very nicely small slopes of the area. Because believe that the unsteady gait of California bimbo, it is not a great fan of winter sports or are not often driveway.

Warm in his suit coat and fur, the young mother of 32 years was not very stable air on skis. Positioned well forward, Kima struggled to reach the chairlift she borrowed with Kanye and Kourtney.

Photographed going down a path that no longer had a blue, Kim took his time to drag to the end point.
Give him a pair of Louboutin heels and feet Kim will regain his confidence bimbo in no time!