Dec 24, 2013

Olga Slutsker the third time became a mother

End of the outgoing year was unusually bright: we have seen many high-profile events, which now can be ranked and motherhood Olga Slutsker. According to rumors, the 48-year-old businesswoman, for the third time became a mother.

According to press reports, two weeks ago, gave birth to twins Slutsker, which endured a surrogate mother. Who is the father of the kids and what country they were born - remains an issue, as well as whether truthful information appeared in the media.

Olga herself did not comment and did not confirm the news. No longer a secret that leads Sloutsker indoor lifestyle and does not talk to the press about his family.

Recall that businesswomen already has two children - son Michael and daughter Anna, whose father is Vladimir Slutsker - ex- Olga's husband.