Dec 2, 2013

news: Angelina Jolie will be the co-chair of the summit next year

Angelina Jolie is beautiful in all that she was doing: accepting the actress participated in photo shoots, if removed in the movie, has any children ... But most importantly, what we respect the Hollywood star, so it for what it is a lot of time and effort spent on charity.

When it comes to people who are in difficult circumstances, eloquence Angelina Jolie does not leave anyone indifferent: actress knows how to pick up the words that affect everything heart.

Angelina Jolie

So, Goodwill Ambassador of the UN Refugee Agency joined the British Foreign Minister William Hague, to become co-chair of the summit on combating sexual violence in war zones. The summit will be held next year in London. The actress said:

necessity of this summit has been brewing for a long time. Must be an end to impunity, we must have justice and respect for survivors of these heinous crimes.

Angelina Jolie also noted that relies on the support of other countries:

We want to help these people, and I I hope that other countries will also take part in our project and fulfill their responsibilities.

On the global meeting in London should be attended by representatives of 137 countries.