Dec 17, 2013

Miley Cyrus in an interview with Barbara Walters: I'm not afraid to be alone

Miley Cyrus and Barbara Walters
By Miley Cyrus extravagant antics we have become accustomed, but candid interviews about his personal life singer gives not so often. Exclusion of 21-year-old star did for Barbara Walters - a popular TV presenter, include it in its annual list of "the brightest stars of the year".

In the broadcast channel ABC Miley talked to Barbara about the sensational parting with her fiance Liam Hemsworth (with which, incidentally, again seen together). The singer says that clung relationship with actor fear of being alone: ​​

I was so afraid to be alone. I think the fact that this year I coped with the fear of loneliness - this is the biggest change that happened to me for the whole year. Now I do not want ever again need someone so hard to be without a stop.

Cyrus admitted that she loved Hemsworth and does not regret that they were engaged:

I just did not understand what it means to be betrothed at age 19. But I definitely do not regret the engagement. It was great a few years worn on the finger this huge rock. But now again I feel that I can be happy. I appreciate those moments of silence, when I'm home alone with him.

On the question of whether she is now dreaming of marriage, Miley said he wants to marry when the time comes.

Now singer busy career and almost every day performing at various music events. So, yesterday, Cyrus was one of the participants in a concert dedicated to the upcoming holidays.