Dec 3, 2013

Miley Cyrus apologized for lovers spoiled evening

In the past, the teenage star of the series "Hannah Montana" and now scandalous singer Miley Cyrus did not seem as scary as it is painted. Artist dinner recently paid a loving couple, to celebrate the anniversary of relations.

The fact that Miley behaved as usual noisy, being in one of the restaurants in Manhattan, and her neighbors complained to the manager for the behavior of the star. Shortly thereafter, Miley walked over to their table and excused himself, saying:

Sorry guys! I have gone too far with caffeine today.

Witnesses incident say that Cyrus had a nice chat with a couple, and then left a hundred dollars to cover the cost of their dinner.

Soulful act! Apparently, somewhere in extravagant costumes and outrageous antics Miley Cyrus lies ordinary human kindness.