Dec 16, 2013

Mary Kate Olsen is pregnant

One of the Olsen twins soon become a mother. 

Hollywood actress and fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen waiting for the firstborn of the brother of the former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, Olivier. For a happy Father's will be the third child, growing up in France, two daughters from his first marriage: 12-year-old Julien and Margaux 10-year-old.

Mary-Kate is very happy, but in no hurry to marry. At least officially about his plans for marriage, the couple is not available. Actress recently noticed in one of the jewelry boutiques. Star Screen repeatedly returned to the store to make the choice again.

One of the selected rings even reduced the size of her thumb, but Mary-Kate finally has not yet made a choice.

Recall that the pair began their relationship in the spring of last year. Three months later became lovers cohabit in New York.

Despite the fact that few people believed in the sincerity of the relationship and the Hollywood beauty for her much older Olivier. Nevertheless, they are together, and it seems that soon become spouses.