Dec 24, 2013

Mariah Carey: I do not want any more children

Many famous mothers do not stop at one or two children, but Mariah Carey is not one of them applies. 43-year-old singer, whose twins grow biennial Morokkan and Monroe, admitted during a television interview that he is not ready to give birth again.

Lead TV show Watch What Happens Mariah said her pregnancy was hard enough:

I suffered from pre-eclampsia (a disease associated with cerebral ischemia, developing in the second half of pregnancy ) and gestational diabetes (impaired carbohydrate metabolism in pregnant women ).

It was hard pregnancy, and the main part I remained alone.

star husband Nick Cannon tried to support his wife, but the work did not allow him to reside with her:

Nick is wonderful, but he was busy with work He works all the more in show business.

Now the singer is ready for the next replenishment of the family only under one condition, that will perform very difficult:

If Nick could have a child himself - then can be. Then I said, "Come on, we love kids!".

However, according to Carey, his family is quite happy with it and would not want to change anything:

We Nick boy and a girl. Best and impossible wish.

Way, recently in the press there were rumors that Mariah and Nick Cannon a rift in the relationship, but new photos from social networks singer refute this information. Star recently published family pictures taken at a ski resort in Aspen.

Recall that Carey also had time to congratulate the fans a Merry Christmas by placing your photo in a bikini for a traditional holiday red.