Dec 3, 2013

Lindy Lohan will sue the creators of the game GTA V

Infamous Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is going to sue the makers of the computer game GTA V, who allegedly exploited her image. Now Star "Freaky Friday" is the statement of claim and also consults with lawyers.

Lindy Lohan,GTA V

But lawyers for the decision to disapprove diva. Experts believe that the use of the image will prove very difficult because Lohan photographic resemblance to the character from the game no:

Journalists often write about personas such as Lindsay Lohan, it is not surprising that the authors have created a game like her character. Perhaps they even kept it her image in my head when "wrote" the hero, but an absolute resemblance can not speak.

Recall to the creators of the game, raised billions of dollars for three days from the official start of sales, have already been treated with pretensions. So, Daz Dillinger rapper said that his music illegally used as the soundtrack for the game. The creators of GTA V offered to pay him a fee for the three tracks used, but the rapper found it insulting small. Dillinger set of condition - or destroy all copies of the game, or to pay him more.

Was presenting claims against developers and model Kate Upton, which allegedly sketched one of the virtual characters - exactly the one that then adorned on all promotional materials . However, as in the case of Lindsay Lohan, game designers refer to non-identical similarity and hence the absurdity of the claims.

Heroine of the game, copied from Lindsay Lohan

Heroine of the game, copied from Kate Upton