Dec 7, 2013

Lana Del Rey: she announced a new album for 2014!

! A Los Angeles for her short film, Tropico, Wednesday, Lana Del Rey has announced that his second album would come out in 2014

This summer, we had seen in the middle of shooting a clip: that we had put a flea in his ear, but Lana Del Rey had remained rather quiet music level lately. Besides his song Young And Beautiful for the film The Great Gatsby, we saw nothing coming. The beautiful pout preferred to appear with her boyfriend or to greet his fans.

These can rejoice as they will soon have to listen loop tubes ultra already known singer . This Wednesday, December 4, Lana Del Rey has announced to her fans that she had prepared a second album in 2014. We do not know much at the moment, so is the title, and it's not bad! After Born To Die, the album will be called Ultraviolence.

In the meantime, we can already see the short film, Tropico, with a few songs that may be a glimpse of what the next album. Friday, an EP with music of this film will be on sale. What wait until the output Ultraviolence!

Discover Tropico: here