Dec 25, 2013

Lady Gaga: I was born with sadness in my heart. And on stage I feel that I live

Publicly Lady Gaga became known in 2008: It's hard to believe, but since then has only been five years, and we can not imagine a world without music of this singer. Absolutely everyone wants to work with the flamboyant pop diva - musicians, film makers, famous brands, fashion designers and, of course, glossy magazines. It is not surprising that the heroine of the February issue Fashion Magazine was precisely Lady Gaga.

Artist not only graced the cover of the magazine, the author of which, incidentally, was the illustrious duo fashion photographers - Inez van Lamsweerde and Matadin Vinud, but also gave a frank interview to the popular publication.

About love and relationships with men:

Find love was for me a real problem, but I did it. When you meet a person who is not afraid of you wonderful people around, it is love. Men were not always happy for me. Hard look at how successful woman.

About depression and joy:

The new album I put all my pain and joy. This album - joy: if you look at the cover plate, you will see an explosion of joy that emerged from the deepest sorrow in my heart. I was not born happy, although many do not believe that this is so. I was born with sadness in my heart. And only on the stage, I feel that I live.

About fashion and own style:

Fashion saved me from sadness. I always kind to my stage costumes and clothes. When I go out, I want to look beautiful - for my fans. I want them to feel happy and enjoyed that theatricality in my life that I create. This is who I am - no PR and marketing is not here. Fashion - a large part of my life.

Unfortunately, the Internet has got not much of excerpts from an interview with Gaga and frames series, but fans of the singer will be able to learn a lot more about his idol for 12 January next year, because it was then magazine will go on sale with a star on the cover.