Dec 10, 2013

Lady Gaga has once again appeared in a new image

Every day, we have a new reincarnation of Lady Gaga! The last time we saw the singer with some semblance of mouse ears on his head and, as always, in an extravagant dress, when she presented the dolls representing herself in Japan.

Less than a week, and already looks very Gaga differently. The other day star appeared at the Christmas party Jingle Bell Ball, which was organized by London radio station Capital FM. Hairstyle Gaga this time was a mop of blonde dreadlocks.

Regarding attire singer, then there really is his true style: underwear as part of an image and on a giant platform shoes - all we have seen more than once.

But face star was unusually strict: indeed, perhaps this is also one of the components of the new image.