Dec 3, 2013

Lady Gaga came to Japan with her doll-double

Do Lady Gaga forever are not like people. The singer likes and what to speak, knows how to surprise and even shock the audience, and proved that at a regular press conference in Tokyo.

Gaga appeared before the Japanese along with a doll-double growth as the singer herself. 27-year-old actress was in a strange plaid overalls with a spiral around it on a par with several silicone dolls.
Photos with the new "doll Gaga," the singer posted to Twitter early as last Wednesday. In the photo she was sitting on the couch between her two mannequins. "Who needs Barbie when you can have your pop star of this size, that sings to you" - signed photo of Lady Gaga.

Singer came to Japan as part of promotion of her new album ARTPOP, and photographed with a doll Hello Kitty, which sold at auction to help victims of the tsunami in northeastern Japan.

Nevertheless, doll Gaga until just advertising. The question of its admission to the sale is only being discussed.