Dec 25, 2013

Ksenia Sobtchak arrived in Krasnoyarsk to see his Tolokonnikova

Every day after the release of "Pussy Riot" presents new surprises

Show «Pussy Riot» Krasnoyarsk continues.

By "star parties" in the VIP hotel, where Peter lived Verzilov, Hope Tolokonnikova and flown to her Maria Alekhine, for a moment now Ksenia Sobchak. Arrived in Krasnoyarsk overnight flight to take from Tolokonnikova interview horrified breath Krasnoyarsk industrial air:

"I'm at the airport. And really suffocating. Poor Krasnoyarsk: (... How do you live with such environmental problems? You the grass of this air ...

and sped to the early morning of the next day in the capital, laying in instagram photo and signature, "Very interesting interview happened».

Local journalists no longer have time to catch a change of scenery. Revealed photo: Alekhine Toloknnikova Ksenia Sobtchak sit on your lap. On the floor - burgundy carpet, background - white tulle on the window.

What's next, no longer tells even the most violent fantasy.

- Maria Alekhine not just flew to Krasnoyarsk - answers the telephone to the question - why her friend, why did not the son - Alekhine lawyer Peter Zaikin. - She had cases related to human rights work. Very urgent, if it is not addressed, then may be too late. Issues that had to personally discuss with Hope - not on the phone and not through intermediaries. Well, you know why.

understand nothing, it seems, only Nadina grandmother, Varvara Ivanovna. Today her granddaughter had to visit the hospital in cardiology, a close relative. Like, going in the morning.

But still not arrived ...